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18th August News Quiz


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The United States has imposed a further $200bn of tariffs against which country?
The Philippines
Rescuers continue to search for bodies after a deadly typhoon struck which country at the weekend?
Bullet-proof jeeps, helicopters and water buffalo are for sale in which country as part of the new government's efforts to save money?
A trailer full of dead bodies has caused dismay and anger in the second-largest city of which country?
Russia and Turkey have agreed to set up a 'demilitarized zone' in the north of which country?
Needles inside strawberries have led to a mass recall of the fruit in which country?
Burkina Faso
Over 50 girls have been hospitalized after being forced to undergo illegal female genital mutilation (FGM) surgery in which country?
A Kenyan elite runner was hit by a car that had ignored a street closure as he was set to win a marathon in which country?
Turkey says it has been given a jet worth $500m by the emir of which country?
Equatorial Guinea
Authorities in Brazil have seized over $16m of cash and luxury watches from a delegation accompanying the vice-president of which country?
United Kingdom
The IMF has warned that 'Brexit' will entail "substantail costs" for the economy of which country?
The head of which country's representative office to Osaka, Japan committed suicide last week after receiving criticism from people stranded after a typhoon led to airport closures?