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Why doesn't Caesar open Artemedorus's letter first?

He wants to do personal things last

What is Trebonius's role in the conspiracy?

He gets Antony out of the way

Why do the conspirators circle around Caesar?

M. Cimber asks about his brother, and they circle in suppot

What does Casca mean when he says, "Speak, hands, for me!"?

His actions speak for what he feels

What are Caesar's last words?

"Et tu Brute? Then fall Caesar" (meaning: And you too, Brutus??)

How do the conspirators feel immediately after Caesar's death?

They feel that freedom and liberty rule again

What does Antony do immediately after hearing the news of Caesar's death?

He runs to his house

What do the conspirators do with Caesar's blood?

Rub it on their arms and swords

How does Brutus recieve Antony when he comes to the Capitol?

He welcomes him and treats him well

What does Antony ask permission to do?

Speak at Caesar's funeral

How do Brutus and Cassius act to Antony's request to speak at Caesar's funeral?

Cassius is reluctant; Brutus says, "sure"

What does Antony say when he is left alone with the body?

He will get revenge

What message does Antony send to Octavious?

Stay out of Rome, it is too dangerous.

Who is Octavoius?

Caesar's adopted son.

How does Brutus explain Caesar's murder to people?

He said that he loved Caesar as a friend, but he loved his country (Rome) more.

How does Antony describe Brutus during his speech?

He keeps saying, "he is an honorable man" (kind of in a sarcastic tone)

What event does Antony use to show that Caesar was not ambitious?

Refusing the crown 3 times

What does Antony say he found in Caesar's closet?

His will

What does Antony do before reading Caesar's will?

He shows everyone Caesar's mutilated body

According to Antony, what does Caesar's will say?

To give things to the people of Rome

How do the citizens react at the end of Antony's speech?

They want to attack the conspirators; they are very mad

What happens to Cinna the poet?

He is killed because he has the same name as one of the conspirators

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