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Spa3: Subjunctive Triggers

DEDO Deseo Emocion Duda Opinion/Negation * in front means that it uses me, te, le, nos, os, les in FRONT
No creer que
to not think/believe that
Dudar que
to doubt that
Esperar que
to hope that
Insistir en que
to insist on <that>
Es dudoso que
It's doubtful that
Negar que
to negate/deny that
No es cierto que
It is not certain that
No es verdad
It is not true that
No estar de acuerdo
To not agree that
No estar seguro de que
to not be sure that
no pensar que
to not think that
no opinar que
to not opine/have the opinion that
alegrarse de que
to become happy that
* encantar que
to "love" that
* gustar que
to like that
enojarse que
to become angry that
estar triste que
to be sad that
estar <emotion/mood> que
to be <emotion/mood> that
sentir que
to feel that
temer que
to fear that
tener celos de que
to be jealous that
* dar rabia que
to be enraged that
* molestar que
to be annoyed that
desear que
to wish/desire that
querer que
to want that
mandar que
to order that
exigir que
to demand that
buscar _____ que
to search for ____ that (future/unknown)
necesitar que
to need (future/unknown)
es bueno que
it's good that
es <judgement> que
it's <judgement> that
es necesario que
it's necessary that
es importante que
it's important that
es posible que
it's possible that
es imposible que
it's impossible that
es probable que
it's probable that
es improbable que
it's improbable that
vale la pena que
it's worth the effort that
tal vez
to regret