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Unit 1 Summative assessment. Topics 1-3


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why France wanted to
colonize Louisiana?
The French thought they would find gold, silver & precious stones.
what did the French found in
Louisiana to satisfy their wants and provide a profit?
fertile land to provide the agricultural industry
how did geography most likely influence French settlement of
New Orleans?
the river provided transportation and trade opportunities

the natural levee created flood protection
explain how slaves impacted the economy of
French Louisiana?
the large slave population caused the mass production of crops and development of the plantation economy
describe why the colony was mostly
populated by slaves?
There was a high mortality rate due to the living conditions in Louisiana.
explain two reasons why
the French colonized Louisiana.
describe how the people of
Louisiana have tried to minimize the impact of flooding by the Mississippi River
diverted water from the flooding Mississippi River to other regions
how have humans most likely impacted the Mississippi River's
natural ability to recreate the landscape of Louisiana?
stopped the release of sediment onto the floodplain

created levees to hold floodwaters
what is the most likely reason for
the many different natural regions found in Louisiana?
The Mississippi River's constant flooding shaped the landscape.
what is the major impact that the Mississippi River has on
the people of Louisiana?
it is repeatedly changing its course
describe the importance of the
Mississippi River to Louisiana today?
The Mississippi River acts as one of the world's busiest port systems increasing Louisiana's trade.
describe two ways the
Mississippi River has impacted the geography of Louisiana.
Impacts of coastal erosion
16% of America's fisheries are in Louisiana. As sea level rises the seafood industry will see a long-term decline in Louisiana

Without the coastal marshes of Louisiana over 2 million people would have to relocate from their homes at a cost of billions of dollars.

$100 billion of oil companies' investments are at risk of destruction with sea level rise and land loss if coastal erosion keeps happening.
Solutions to coastal erosion
B. Diverting the Mississippi River into the marsh will allow sediment the opportunity to rebuild the marshland.

C. Shoreline protections are walls around marshes which prevent wave erosion from destroying the marshland.

E. Oyster reef restoration increases the seafood population but also act as a buffer zone between waves and the marshland.
There were many cultural groups that helped to settle various regions in Louisiana including New Orleans. Name the four groups that most impacted the settlement of various regions of the state.
African Americans
How do levees contribute to coastal erosion?
They prevent sediment suspended in the river from getting into the marshland during season flooding
Describe how both natural phenomena and humans have both impacted the people who live on the barrier islands and what consequences have occurred because of it
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