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stratum lucidum

translucent cells in thick skin containing keratin fibrils

stratum corneum

20-30 dead cells

papillary layer

dermal layer responsible for fingerprints


vasular region

stratum basale

epidermal region exhibiting the most rapid cell divison


major skin area that produces derivatives (nails and hair)

stratum spinosum

area where weblike pre-keratin filaments first appear

stratum spinosum

mitotic cells filled with intermediate filaments

reticular layer

has abundant elastic amd collagenic fibers

stratum basale

location of melanocytes and Merkel cells

papillary layer

region of areolar connective tissue


stratified squamous epithelium

reticular layer

dense irregular connective tissue


tough water-repellent protein

contribute to skin color

caroten, melanin


localized concentration of melanin


cells which produce fibers in the dermis


holds the cells of spinosum tightly together

merkel cells

touch receptors

langerhan's cells

class of macrophages, plays role in the immune system


accumalates and provide barrier againist UV radiation


reticular and papillary layer

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