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the founder of the Ottoman empire, a turkish chieftain

Mehmet II

conquered Constantinople


brought the golden age to the Ottomans


the first of many really bad sultans coming for the Ottoman empire

Murad III

second really weak sultan- dominated by his mother

The Delhi Sultanate

overthrown by Babur, a government of foreign dynasties in India


founder of the Mughal empire


the second Mughal ruler, a weak emperor who was dependent on opium and wine, and lost large parts of the Mughal empire to Sher Khan


brought the golden age to the Mughals (Fatehpur Sikri, tolerance, ect.)


son of Akbar, continued golden age of Mughals

Shah Jahan

son of Jahangir, continued golden age of Mughals


brought the fall of the Mughal empire through lack of religious tolerance and other unwise decisions

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