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A spanish epic. Elcid is the hero and he defeats all of the heros.


epic poem fighting the evil

Song of Roland

French hero fighting Rendall the Dragon

Divine Comedy

Written by Dante Alighhieri. It is about life, death, and life after deat and getting into heaven. The number one reason why not to get into heaven is gossip.

The Cantebury Tales

The stories of people on a pilgrimage to Cantebury to see the place where Thomas Becket died. The stories they tell each other for entertainment. Written by Geoffrey Chaucer


the common language


Singing entertainers for money (street performers)


Churches shaped in a cross. Thick walls and columns, massice heavy rooves, small windows, round arches. located in southern Europe, especially in Italy, dark, alters had gold on them to reflect the light of the sun


flying buttresses, lots of carving, vaulted and high ceilings, stained glass windows, tall spire, POINTED ARCHES, gargoils to carry away water

Medieval Art

The only decent thing is the manuscripts of the Monk.

Illuminated Manuscripts of the Monks

The pages that Monks copied. He would draw pages on it and make it fancy to make it less boring.

100 years war-between-why

between England and France over land that was in French territory but supposedly owned by England. France wins and gains the land in southern France.

Crecy- Longbow

major battle where the Welsh Longbow is first used. It could kill people from far away and needed two people to opperate.

Calais- Cannon

A city on the coast of France that the English use the cannon first. Cannons were used to break down walls, not kill people.

Joan of Arc's story

She gets visions from God saying that she can defeat the English. She leads the army in Orleans and the French win. A nobleman didn't like that she was a woman ones he found out so he gave her up to the English and they burned her at stake.

Charles of France

The king that Joan comes to to say that she can help defeat the English.


France wins.

Four areas of the Iberian Peninsula in 1400's

Castille, Argon,Granada, and Portugal

Three important things that happen to Spain in 1492

Spanish Inquisition gets rid of the Jewish people. The Muslims are kicked out of Spain. Columbus sets sail for "India".

Spanish Inquisition

The church wanted it, it was against heretics, it benefited the church because it continued to keep people closely bound to the church, and the government carried it out because the church never tortures.

Who chose the Holy Roman Emperor?

The nobles and the Pope. The power was with the Pope and with the noblemen.

Reasons for the decline of the Roman Catholic Church in the Late Middle Ages.

The Babylonian Captivity- the Pope leaves Rome and moves to France; The Great Schism- there was more than one pope; Simony- selling positions in the churhc; INDULGENCES- buying your salvation

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