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muscle contraction step 1

Neuron action potential arrives at end of motor neuron

muscle contraction step 2

ACH is released

muscle contraction step 3

ACh binds to receptors on motor end plate

muscle contraction step 4

Permeability of sarcolemma changes (Na rushes in)(an action potential is produced)

muscle contraction step 5

Muscle action potential sweeps into the T tubules triggering

muscle contraction step 6

release of Ca from the cisternae of the sarcoplasmic reticulum

muscle contraction step 7

CA binds to troponin

muscle contraction step 8

Troponin changes shape and shifts tropomyosin to expose binding sites of actin

muscle contraction step 9

myosin binds to actin (cross bridge is formend)(ADP released from myosin)

muscle contraction step 10

Myosin head pivots (pulling actin)

muscle contraction step 11

Myosin releases from actin (cross bridge is broken)(another ATP binds to myosin)

muscle contraction step 12

Myosin re-extends into "ready" position (ATP->ADP+Pi)(ADP is bound to myosin)

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