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Vocab: Scientific Method and Earth Science Introduction


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An idea or explanation that you can test through study and experimentation
Independent Variable
The manipulated (changed) variable in an experiment that is changed to find out how it affects the results.
Variables in an experiment that are purposely kept the same throughout the experiment to ensure accurate results.
A well-tested and widely accepted view that explains certain observable facts.
The facts, observations and numbers collected during an experiment
A set of interconnected parts that work together to make a whole.
Earth Science
The study of the Earth including the atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and outer space.
A ________ is something that is changed in an experiment to see how it affects the outcome. Sometimes there may be more than one ________ in an experiment but we only change one ____________ at a time to ensure accuracy in our data.
Dependent Variable
The _____________ is the part of an experiment that responds to the manipulated variable. In our paper airplane experiment this was the distance that the airplanes flew because the distance flown depended upon the drag.
Scientific Law
Summary of facts that explain how natural processes work.
_____________ is an explanation of how the two variables in an experiment are related. We use this term to explain the graphs of the data. Some common examples are: strong positive _____________ or a weak negative ___________
Earth System
All parts of the Earth interact to make a complete whole.