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  1. software suite
  2. Flash memory chips, ROM
  3. mobile phones
  4. Forward
  5. PowerPoint
  1. a _____ has/have begun to replace _____ for storing system information such as a computer's BIOS.
    Select one:
    a. Flash memory chips, ROM
    b. RAM, ROM
    c. ROM, flash memory chips
    d. Buses, ROM registers
  2. b _______ is used to create a collection of slides that can contain text, charts, pictures, sound, movies, etc.
    Select one:
    a. PowerPoint
    b. Word
    c. Access
    d. Excel
  3. c All of the following typically use the same operating systems as desktop computers EXCEPT ____.
    Select one:
    a. notebooks
    b. netbooks
    c. mobile phones
    d. tablets
  4. d If you wish to send a received message on to someone who wasn't in the original recipients' list, use the _______ command.
    Select one:
    a. Forward
    b. Forward all
    c. Reply all
    d. Broadcast
  5. e Sometimes, related software programs are sold bundled together as a(n) ____.
    Select one:
    a. operating system
    b. software suite
    c. incentivization
    d. software cluster

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. _____ are the fastest type of memory used by the CPU.
    Select one:
    a. ROMs
    b. Level 1 caches
    c. Level 2 caches
    d. Registers
  2. In the Internet Explorer desktop application, the View favorites, feeds, and history button looks like _______.
    Select one:
    a. a turning gear
    b. a house
    c. a star
    d. two overlapping boxes
  3. Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

    Case 6-1
    You study a series of real-life issues to determine what kind of security and/or privacy threat you are facing.

    You have found an interesting calendar program at a Web site and downloaded it to help you stay organized. However, within a couple days of installing the program, your computer starts behaving oddly. Strange popups appear, the home page of your Internet browser has been switched, and the system is running sluggishly. You likely have installed a ____.
    Select one:
    a. virus
    b. worm
    c. Trojan horse
    d. botnet
  4. The files you create in Excel are called _______.
    Select one:
    a. documents
    b. presentations
    c. workbooks
    d. databases
  5. From the accompanying figure, you can say that _______.

    Select one:
    a. this Internet Explorer application currently has no saved favorites
    b. it is not possible to go forward to a more recent URL, only back
    c. the computer has a touch screen
    d. the screen is not maximized

5 True/False questions

  1. 50 GBIn the accompanying figure, box _______ points to a list box or boxes.

    Select one:
    a. B
    b. C
    c. F
    d. G


  2. botnetYou can find the _______ tab on the ribbon in all Office programs.
    Select one:
    a. HOME
    b. INSERT
    c. REVIEW
    d. VIEW


  3. BitmapA group of zombie computers controlled by one individual, working together in a coordinated fashion, is called a(n) ____.
    Select one:
    a. zero-day threat
    b. botnet
    c. wardriver
    d. etherbomb


  4. architectureThe way a network is designed to communicate is known as its ____.
    Select one:
    a. architecture
    b. protocol path
    c. topology
    d. latency


  5. clusterOn most computer systems, the smallest storage area on a hard disk is a(n) _____.
    Select one:
    a. track
    b. cluster
    c. SSD
    d. cylinder