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  1. H
  2. FCC
  3. username
  4. Internet content providers
  5. VPN
  1. a All wireless applications in the United States use specific frequencies as assigned by the ____.
    Select one:
    a. FTC
    b. FCC
    c. NTSB
    d. W3C
  2. b A(n) ____ is a secure, private path across a public network that is set up to allow authorized users private, secure access to the company network.
    Select one:
    a. LAN
    b. intranet
    c. VPN
    d. Internet P2P network
  3. c Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

    Case 5-1
    The world of the Internet can be overwhelming. You take some time to break it down in your mind, understanding the community and its players. For each of the following questions, look at the organizations, businesses, or individuals listed, and then determine what they represent as a whole.

    A blogger, your school's Web site, an online encyclopedia are ____.
    Select one:
    a. ASPs
    b. infrastructure companies
    c. Internet content providers
    d. users
  4. d In the accompanying figure, box _______ represents the view buttons.

    Select one:
    a. A
    b. B
    c. L
    d. H
  5. e An email address consists of a ____, followed by an @ symbol, followed by the domain name of the mail server.
    Select one:
    a. URL
    b. username
    c. password
    d. TLD

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. ____ occurs when someone obtains enough information about a person to be able to masquerade as that person.
    Select one:
    a. Spoofing
    b. Pharming
    c. Identity theft
    d. Data theft
  2. Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

    Case 8-2
    You have had your touch-enabled tablet computer for a week now, and have spent a good deal of time surfing the Web with Internet Explorer. The following questions test your understanding.

    As you begin typing a URL into the Address bar, no suggested Web pages appear. Why?
    Select one:
    a. Suggested Web pages never appear in the Address bar.
    b. You are using the app and not the desktop application.
    c. You have deleted your history.
    d. You are operating Internet Explorer in protected mode.
  3. The text recommends all of the following for creating strong passwords EXCEPT ____.
    Select one:
    a. using at least eight characters
    b. using a combination of upper- and lowercase letters
    c. creating a password from an easy-to-remember passphrase
    d. stringing together easy-to-remember family names
  4. A _______ is a menu or grid that shows visual representations of the options available for a button.
    Select one:
    a. taskpane
    b. gallery
    c. tableau
    d. ScreenTip
  5. _____ memory is very fast memory circuitry located near the CPU that is used to speed up processing.
    Select one:
    a. ROM
    b. Flash
    c. Cache
    d. ALU

5 True/False questions

  1. kernelThe core of the computer's operating system is called the ____.
    Select one:
    a. boot sector
    b. node
    c. shell
    d. kernel


  2. ForwardA _______ is a shortcut to a Web page saved in a list in the Internet Explorer desktop application.
    Select one:
    a. Slice
    b. favorite
    c. frequent
    d. histogram


  3. VoIPThe operating system is loaded into memory during the ____ process.
    Select one:
    a. kernel
    b. boot
    c. SOLE
    d. lacing


  4. Commercial____ software includes any software that is developed and sold for a profit.
    Select one:
    a. Commercial
    b. Industry-ware
    c. Freeware
    d. Vaporware


  5. 3In the accompanying figure, the item in box _____ holds the results of processing.

    Select one:
    a. 1
    b. 3
    c. 4
    d. 5