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Membrane Function
_____ helps to stabilize the structure of the plasma membrane.
_____ can be recognized by the presence of a head and two tails.
_____ is composed of both a carbohydrate and a protein.
_____ allows solute molecules to enter the cell.
Transport proteins
_____ and ______ cannot pass directly through the phospholipids of a plasma membrane.
Ions and hydrophilic molecules (ex. hydrogen ions/ water and glucose)
_____ is the movement of particles down their concentration gradient.
How can a lipid be distinguished from a sugar?
Lipids are mostly nonpolar
True or false? Osmosis is a type of diffusion.
Small nonpolar molecules such as _____ can diffuse across cell membranes.
True or false? The water-soluble portion of a phospholipid is the polar head, which generally consists of a glycerol molecule linked to a phosphate group.
If a red blood cell is placed in a salt solution and bursts, what is the tonicity of the solution relative to the interior of the cell?
The _____ facilitates the movement of solute across the plasma membrane..
transport protein
What name is given to the process by which water crosses a selectively permeable membrane?
In a _____ solution plant cells experience a net gain of water and become turgid.
A cell will lose water when placed in a _____ solution.
A semipermeable membrane is placed between the following solutions. Which solution will decrease in volume?
Solution A: 1.4% (m/v) starch
Solution B: 7.62% (m/v) starch
Solution A: 1.4% (m/v) starch
A semipermeable membrane is placed between the following solutions. Which solution will increase in volume?
Solution C: 9% (m/v) NaCl
Solution D: 12.4% (m/v) NaCl
Solution D: 12.4% (m/v) NaCl
In active transport, three _____ are exchanged for two _____. Thus, the cell experiences a net loss of positive ions.
positively charged sodium ions, positively charged potassium ions
In what way do the membranes of a eukaryotic cell vary?
certain proteins are unique to each membrane
According to the fluid mosaic model of membrane structure, proteins of the membrane are mostly _____.
embedded in a lipid bilayer