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History Chapter 3.2

History 8th Grade La Reina
This Puritan leader became the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony.
John Winthrop
This group of separatists traveled to America to gain religious freedom. The established the Plymouth colony
This document, written by the Pilgrims, helped establish the practice of self-government and majority rule
Mayflower Compact
English dissenters who wanted to reform the Church of England. They established the Massachusetts Bay colony.
The movement of tens of thousands of Englaish settlers to the New England area of the Americas in the 1630's.
Great Migration
Puritan dissenter who established Rhode Island.
Roger Williams
Puritan dissenter who was banished from Massachusetts for challenging church authority and fled to Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson
This was the first written constitution in the Americas.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
This group of protestant dissenters believed that women were spiritually equal to men, that Puritan sermons were obstacles to knowing God and stood against slavery.
person who disagrees with an official church
to mistreat
willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others
group of people who belong to the same church
to force someone to leave a place
Why did the Pilgrims want to settle in America?
Pilgrims disagreed with the Church of England. King James persecuted them.
Why would the pilgrims of Plymouth colony need the help of Native Americans to survive?
They had no time to plant crops upon arrival in the New World before winter arrived.
What kind of society did the Puritans hope to create?
They hoped to develop a religious community of tightly-knit, self-governing people
What are three values of the Puritan people?
hard-work, education and representative government
Why did some colonists leave Massachusetts?
Dissenters began challenging Puritan leaders and were forced out. Others left to govern themselves
In which 4 ways did Roger Williams disagree with the Puritan leaders in Salem, Massachusetts?
he said that it was wrong to take Native land, that no one should be forced to go to church, Puritans should not force others to believe their way, and church and state should be separate.
This Puritan dissenter left Massachusetts and established Exeter, New Hampshire.
John Wheelwright
How did the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut expand representative government?
They extended voting rights to non-church members
This Quaker missionary was executed by the Puritans for her beliefs.
Mary Dyer
What did the 4 New England colonies have in common?
many came from the same part of England, mainly Puritans, mainly middle class, all believed in democratic practices and self-government
In what ways were the New England settlers different than the Jamestown settlers?
They were generally prosperous, educated and skilled unlike most of the Jamestown settlers.
How did the Puritans weave democracy into their political and religious life?
Each congregation chose its own minister; male church members elected representatives; Puritans gathered in town meetings to make decisions for the entire community.
this is a promise or binding agreement
In the Mayflower Compact, what 3 reasons do the Pilgrims give for their voyage?
for the glory of God, the advancement of Christianity, and the honor of the king.
In the Mayflower Compact, what is the guiding purpose?
the good of the colony
Whose rights did the Mayflower Compact protect?
It protected the rights of the Plymouth colonists.
In what ways were the Fundamental Orders based on religion?
The Orders suggested that good government is divinely sanctioned.
How do the Mayflower Compact and the Fundamental Orders reveal the English foundation of American democracy?
MC= self-government and majority rule. FO = different branches of government, limits executive power, and sets up structure for elections.