History 2610 Final Multiple Choice


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Spain used its gold and silver from the New World to?
Finance expensive wars against other European nations.
In which of the following Indian culture areas were settlements the largest?
The native peoples of the Caribbean
Probably migrated to the islands from North and South America
France's first attempt to establish a colony
failed miserably
Portugese expansion into Africa in the fifteenth century included trade in all of the following except
The introduction of what crop transformed the economy of Carolina?
Who foundd a permanent settlement in Quebec in 1608?
Samuel de Champlain
In Early French settlements in America, there were
More men than women
By 1600, which group had become the leading economic power in Europe?
The English
What was the first settlement established by the Virginia Company?
By 1750, which group dominated much of North America?
Native Americans
The Pueblo Revolt took place in
New Mexico
Most Africans came to America as
The only crop to turn a profit in the early history of Georgia was
What was the largest slave uprising?
Stono Rebellion
George Washington's family plantation was located in
Mount Vernon
Which region was the predominant exporter of sugar?
British West Indies
All of the following established the Puritan religion as the official religion EXCEPT
Of the following, the man who made the greatest scientific contributions was
Benjamin Franklin
The French and Indian War
Started in North America
At the end of the French and Indian War, which country gained possession of Cuba?
The proclamation of 1763 forbade white settlement
West of the Rockies
The Paxton Boys massacred a group of which Indians?
The American Revenue Act was commonly known as the
Sugar Act
What Act was passed by Parliament along with the repeal of the Stamp Act?
The Declaratory Act
Vigilante groups formed in North Carolina in the 1760s called themselves
The Second Continental Congress was held in
Congress VOTED on the Declaration of Independence on
July 2, 1776
Most Whigs subscribed to the political ideology known as
Which battle took place the day after Christmas 1776
The Battle of Trenton
The nickname for British soldiers was
The Continental Army spent the winter of 1777 in
Philadelphia, PA
Patriot guerilla leader Francis Marion was nicknamed
Swamp Fox
England established which African colony for ex-slaves
Sierra Leone
Who controlled Florida in the aftermath of the 1783 Treaty of Paris?
Which of the following Revolutionary War events happened FIRST?
Battle of Princeton
Who composed the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
From 1776-1807, property-holding women had the right to vote
In New Jersey
State constitutions tened to
Lower property requirements for the right to vote
Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government could NOT
Raise an army
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 did all of the following EXCEPT
Create a political structure for the new territories
The Virginia Plan was introduced by
James Madison
The new Jersey Plan
Was the basis for voting in the Senate
The Constitution established a ___________ government
Judicial review is the
Supreme Court's right to have the final say on constitutionality
Occupied land even though they held no title on it
The first government's base of supports was strengthened by:
Passing the Bill of Rights
Thomas Jefferson felt that the creation of the Bank of the United States was:
Hamilton's ideas included all of the following EXCEPT:
Raising revenues by placing an excise tax on whiskey
The first Secretary of Treasury was
Alexander Hamilton
The Whiskey Rebellion was spurred
Opposition to Hamilton's excise tax
The XYZ Affair almost caused
A declaration of war against France
The Sedition Act can easily be seen as a violation of
First amendment rights
The winner of the election of 1796 was
John Adams
Washington was inaugurated in
In his First Inaugural Address, Thomas Jefferson emphasized
The ideals of republicanism
The ruling of this Supreme Court judge ended the Republican offensive against the judiciary
President Jefferson failed in his attempt to
Purchase West Florida from Spain
Tecumseh was the chief of which tribe?
Which man was President during the "era of good feelings?"
James Monroe
Which President made the decision to declare war on England in 1812
James Madison
Which man became a national figure when he led the Americans to victory at the battle of New Oreleans
Andrew Jackson
Who was the first non-federalist elected as president, he was very popular with yeoman farmers
Thomas Jefferson
Who killed Alexander Hamilton in a gun duel in New Jersey
Aaron Burr
Who composed the "Star Spangled Banner"
John Stafford Smith
During his 35 years on the Supreme Court, his forceful personality supported national goals
John Marshall
The Supreme Court's decision in McCulloch v. Maryland
Made it possible to renew the charter Bank of the United States
The Monroe Doctrine proclaimed all of the following policies EXCEPT
The active American presence in republican revolutions across the globe
The Missouri Compromise attempted to
Calm growing differences over the issue of slavery
The main architect of the Missouri Compromise
Henry Clay
The man with the nickname "the great compromiser was"
Henry Clay
Which group was an active participant in the Second Great Awakening?
The spoils system features a strategy in which
Government jobs are given to supporters of the victorious party
The first presidential candidate of the Democratic Party was
Andrew Jackson
The Indian Removal Act
Focused on Indians west of the Mississippi
Under the Indian Removal Act, most Indians were sent to
South Carolinian who was a major spokesman for nullification in the 1830s
John C. Calhoun
After succeeding Harrison as president, he switched parties and was a vice-presidential candidate for the Democrats
John Tyler
Creator of the American System and powerful Whig who was frustrated in his many failed attempts to become president
Henry Clay
During his second term, President jackson
Dismantled the Bank of the United States
The Whig Party was
A supporter of government for economic development
Compared to Democrats, Whigs were more likely to
Favor less government involvement in economic affairs
The winner of the 1844 election was
James Polk
The first president to die in office was
William Henry Harrison
Which of the following is NOT a state in the Lower South
North Carolina
Which of the following is NOT a state in the Upper South
in 1860, tobacco was an important crop in
The first large-scale plan of slave rebellion was led by
Nat Turner
Which religious group was largely involved in beginning the Underground Railroad?
Over 60 whites in virginia were killed in a rebellion led by
Nat Turner
Most free blacks in the south lived in
South Carolina
What percentage of southern white families die NOT own slaves in 1860
In what year did Nat turner lead a rebellion in Southhampton County, Virginia?
Which of the following transportation systems was developed last?
Living conditions for the working class in cities were characterized by
Individual family houses
Which city became known as "Porkopolis" because it was an early meat-packing center?
In the cities and larger towns, most manufacturing was done by
During 1840s and 1850s, the highest number of immigrants came from
Which city was NOT among the largest in 1820?
Which nation pioneered most of the methods and advances of industrialization?
Great Britain
Samuel Slater
Brought English ideas of manufacturing to America
Before 1850, who was the dominant power on the north and central Great Plains?
The warrior-hunters of the Sioux tribe
Which town was a starting point on the Oregon Trail?
Independence, Missouri
The Battle of San Jacinto
Established the independence of Texas
The Mexican army annihilated defenders at
The Alamo and Goliad
While the Texans were fighting Mexico, they were also fighting
Who was the expansionist president who held office during the Mexican War
James K. Polk
Tensions between the United States and Mexico increased when he moved his forces to the banks of the Nueces River
James K. Polk
Leader of the invasion of central Mexico
Winfield Scott
The first American empresario of Texas who inherited a huge amount of land from his father, Moses
Stephen F. Austin
Leader of the Texan forces that surprised General Santa Ana at San Jacinto
Sam Houston
Mormon leader who was killed by a mob in Nauvoo, Illinois
Joseph Smith
The Santa Fe Trail
Encouraged closer ties between settlers and the Mexican government
Which practice did settlers bring to Texas that was illegal under Mexican law?
The Wilmot Proviso proposed that
Free labor should exist in territory gained in the Mexican War
Reaction against the Fugitive Slave Act was strongest among
Northern Blacks
The inflential novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, was written by
Harriet Breecher Stowe
As a novel of social power, Uncle Tom's Cabin succeeded because it
Presented real character and not abstract arguments
President Pierce tried to mute the conflicts about slavery by emphazing
An aggressive foreign policy
He led a raid against a federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry, Virginia:
John Brown
Fictional character, who in his cruel treatment of slaves, served as an effective antagonist in Uncle Tom' Cabin
Simon Legree
Who was an antislavery agitator in the middle of the violent confrontation in Kansas
John Brown
The Republican Party's first candidate in a presidential election was:
John C. Fremont
In the Dred Scott decision, Roger Taney argued that
Slavery could not be banned in any territory
All of the following were effects of the Dred Scott decision EXCEPT
There was apathy on the part of most people in the North and South
Compared to the North in 1860, the South had
more people employed in agriculture
The election of 1860 revealed that
Americans voted very strongly along sectional lines
The declared president of the Confederate states was
Jefferson Davis
In what year were the Know-Nothing and Republican parties formed
Which state did NOT pull out of the Union when President Lincoln called for troops?
All of the following were advantages for the North EXCEPT
Longer tours of duty produced a more experienced army
The Union successfully financed the war through all of the following methods EXCEPT
The sale of interest-bearing treasury notes
The Confederate economy was especially hurt by
The Union's effective blockade on cotton exports
During the Civil war ________________ occupied Mexico
In the West, General Ulysses S. Grant employed the wise strategy of
Combined land and sea attacks. (Combined land and river attacks)
The bloodiest single day of fighting in American history occurred at
The Emancipation Proclamation
Freed the slaves of all states in rebellion
Which statement about Texas in the Civil War is NOT true
Union gunboats were never able to stop supply lines along the Rio Grande
The Homestead Act
Required settlers to cultivate the land and build a house
Which state was formed when it seceded from the Confederacy
West Virginia
During the Civil War, the northern economy
Grew and prospered
Who did President Lincoln name as commander of all union forces in March 1864
Ulysses S. Grant
His "march to the sea" devastated portions of the South, and brought the war in the southwest to an end
William T. Sherman
Actor and Confederate fanatic who assassinated Abraham Lincoln in April, 1865
John Wiles Booth
After the election of 1864 the Republicans
Controlled the presidency, the US Senate and the House
Sherman's march ended in
North Carolina
The 13th amendment to the Constitution outlawed
Slavery everywhere in the United States
The emancipation Proclamation was issued in
Which event happened last?
Lincoln is assassinated
General Lee surrendered his army to General Grant at the courthouse in
Appomattox, Virginia