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Year 7 test your skills of fossil fuels using Quizlet


a substance that provides a form of energy


the process of burning a fuel


true or false the energy stored in fuels can be used to generate electricity

fossil fuels

energy rich substance frim the remains of once living organisms

coal, petroleum and natural gas

3 major fossil fuels


energy rich chemical compounds that contain carbon and hydrogein atoms


a solid fossil fuel formed from the remains of plants


true or false coal provides 23% of the energy used worldwide


true or false the major use of coal is to fuel factories


another name for crude oil

crude oil

when oil is first pumped out of the ground


compounds that are made from oil


true or false sense natural gas is less dense than oil it often rises above oil deposits


true or false fossil fuels are considered a renewable resource

uses of natural gas

pool and spa heating, barbeques, fireplaces and water heaters

uses of crude oil

petrol in cars, diesel fuels in buses and trucks, heating oil, jet fuel, plastics and candles

uses of coal

electricity generation in power plants, steel production and cement production

anthracite, and lignite

forms of coal

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