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  1. diffuse
  2. predispose
  3. exorcise
  4. jeer
  5. circumspect
  1. a to incline to beforehand
  2. b to spread or scatter freely or widely
  3. c to drive out by magic
  4. d to make fun of rudely or unkindly
  5. e careful, cautious

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  1. commonplace, overused
  2. to make up for
  3. an opening, gap
  4. to seize for military or official use
  5. lasting for a long time, persistent

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  1. spasmodicto caution or advise against something


  2. unflinchingfirm, showing no signs of fear


  3. mediocreto stop proceedings temporarily


  4. pilferan extremely poor person


  5. adjournto stop proceedings temporarily