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founder of confucianism


period of rule by members of a single clan

"warring states period"

late zhou dynasty


wrote to help spread Confucian ideas

2 Basic Confucian virtues

1) Benevolence/Humanity [being a good person] (Ren) 2)Propriety (Li)

Parent-> Child relationship

child respects and is obedient to parent; parent takes care of child

filial piety

being obedient to your parents/ older siblings (respecting/ worshiping your ancestors)

mandate of heaven

rulers who maintain a harmoneous, peaceful social order have the right to rule over the people; the people have the right to overthrow leaders who do not meet these qualifications

The Analects

conversations between Confucius and his students (written text)


"gentleman" (must act like this to deserve the name)


"the Way" & origin of all creation believed to lie behind all functions and changesof the natural world


breath/ energy of the universe (divided into Yin and Yang)


earth, female, darkness, passiveness


heaven, male, light, activity

Jade Emperor and Queen mother of the West

rulers of the spririt world (queen & king)


type of movement art or exercise (tai chi)

accupuncture/ accupressure

stimulation of certain poins on body w/ needles or pressure

feng shui

science of placement & orientation of dwelling, rooms, doors, windows, and furnishings in relation to the enviroment to ptremote harmony w. one's enviromental surroundings (move items around to not block qi)


Benevolence/ Humanity (being a good person)


propriety (doing the right thing at the right time)

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