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Spanish Stem Changing Verbs


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comenzar (e-ie)
to begin
Yo comienzo
I start
Tú comienzas
you start
empezar (e-ie)
to begin
Yo empiezo
I begin
Ella empieza
She begins
Recomendar (e-ie)
to recomend
Yo recomiendo
I recomend
Nosotros recomendamos
We recomend
cerrar (e-ie)
to close
Yo cierro
I close
Ustedes cierran
You all close
entender (e-ie)
to understand
Yo entiendo
I understand
Tú entiendes
You understand
él entiende
He understands
pensar (e-ie)
to think
Yo pienso
I think
Usted piensa
You (formal) think
preferir (e-ie)
to prefer
Yo prefiero
I prefer
Tú prefieres
You prefer
Nosotros preferimos
we prefer
to want
to have
pedir (e-i)
to ask for; to order
Yo pido
I ask
Nosotros pedimos
We ask
Ellos piden
They ask
decir (yo to go) e-i
to say, tell
Yo digo
I say/I tell
Tu dices
You say/you tell
Ellas dicen
They (fem.) say/tell
servir (e-i)
to serve
Yo sirvo
I serve
él sirve
He serves
dormir (o-ue)
to sleep
Yo duermo
I sleep
Tu duermes
You sleep
poder (o-ue)
can; be able to
Yo puedo
I can/ I am able to
encontrar (o-ue)
to find
Yo encuentro a mis amigos.
I find/meet my friends
jugar (u-ue)
to play
Yo juego
I play
Tú juegas
You play
contar (o-ue)
to count; tell
Yo cuento
I count
costar (o-ue)
to cost
Ella cuesta
it costs
devolver (o-ue)
to return an item
Yo devuelvo
I return
Yo quiero devolver
I want to return
Vestir- (e-i)
To dress
Servir (e-i)
to serve
Pedir (e-i)
to ask
decir (e-i)
to say/to tell
Preferir (e-ie)
to prefer
querer (e-ie)
to want
entender (e-ie)
to understand
pensar (e-ie)
to think
cerrar (e-ie)
to close
poder (o-ue)
to be able to
encontrar (o-ue)
to meet/to find
costar (o-ue)
to cost
dormir (o-ue)
to sleep
almorzar (o-ue)
to have lunch
Jugar (u-ue)
to play
Traer (aigo on the yo form)
to bring
Yo traigo
I bring
Tú traes
You bring
Ella trae
She brings
Nosotros traemos
We bring
Poner (yo-go)
to put/to set
Yo pongo
I put/I set
Tú pones
You put/you set
Usted pone
You (formal) put/set
Nosotros ponemos
We set/put
Ustedes ponen
You all put/set
Estar (t for temporary) used with feelings/locations
to be- used with feelings/locations
Yo estoy
I am
Tú estás
You are
él está
he is
Nosotros estamos
We are
Ellos están
They are
to enjoy oneself, to have fun
to think
entender (e:ie)
to understand
mentir (e-ie)
to lie, to tell a lie
to sit oneself down
mostrar (o:ue)
to show
encontrar (o:ue)
to find, meet, encounter
recordar (o:ue)
to remember
probar (o:ue)
to taste, to try
morder (o:ue)
to bite
to compete
to impede, prevent
repetir (e:i)
to repeat
concebir (e:i)
to conceive, imagine
servir (e:i)
to serve, to be useful for

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