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What is the primary treatment for the leukemias?
What are common early signs of aplastic anemia?
Excessive bleeding and recurrent infections.
What is a deficit of all types of blood cells called?
Which of the following occur when disseminated intravascular coagulation develops?
Multiple thrombi and deficit of clotting factors.
Why is excessive bleeding a common occurrence with acute leukemia?
Decreased platelets.
Which of the following statements apply to hemochromocytosis?
A metabolic error leads to excess amounts of hemosiderin causing damage to organs.
Why do multiple opportunistic infections develop with acute leukemia?
Many nonfunctional immature leukocytes.
Which anemia is considered to result from a malabsorption problem?
What is a common predisposing factor to leukemia?
Exposure to radiation.
Chronic blood loss causes anemia because of the:
Smaller amount of recycled iron available.
Why is pernicious anemia treated with injections of B12?
The ingested vitamin would not be absorbed into the blood.
What are typical early general signs/symptoms of anemia?
Pallor, dyspnea, and fatigue.
The Reed-Stemberg cell is diagnostic for:
Hodgkins's lymphoma.
Which of the following is typical of Hodgkin's disease?
Initial tumor is single, painless, enlarged lymph node, and often cervical.
What causes numbness and tingling in the fingers of individuals with untreated pernicious anemia?
B12 deficit causing peripheral nerve demyelination.
What is the cause of sickle cell anemia?
A defective gene inherited from both parents.
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma differs from Hodgkin's lymphoma in that NH usually presents as:
Multiple scattered and enlarged lymph nodes.
What describes the characteristic erythrocyte associated with pernicious anemia?
Megaloblastic or macrocytic nucleated cells.
Petechiae and purpura are common signs of:
Increased bleeding tendencies.
What is a compensation mechanism for individuals with anemias?
Multiple myeloma is a malignant tumor involving:
Plasma cells.
In cases of polycythemia vera, why is blood pressure elevated?
Increased number of circulating blood cells.
Thalassemia is caused by:
A deficit in one or more genes for hemoglobin.
What would the result of a reduced number of erythrocytes in the blood?
A decreased hematocrit.
What is the basic abnormality in thalassemia?
Failure to synthesize either the alpha or beta chains in the hemoglobin molecule.