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  1. capricious
  2. assiduous
  3. conundrum
  4. cupidity
  5. antipathy
  1. a (n.) a strong dislike, repugnance (I know you love me, but because you are a liar and a thief, I feel nothing but antipathy for you.)
  2. b greed, strong desire
  3. c (adj.) subject to whim, fickle (The young girl's capricious tendencies made it difficult for her to focus on achieving her goals.)
  4. d (n.) puzzle, problem (Interpreting Jane's behavior was a constant conundrum.)
  5. e (adj.) hard-working, diligent (The construction workers erected the skyscraper during two years of assiduous labor.)

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  1. (v.) to polish, shine (His mother asked him to burnish the silverware before setting the table.)
  2. (n.) a gift or blessing (The good weather has been a boon for many businesses located near the beach.)
  3. readiness to believe
  4. (v.) to reject, renounce (To prove his honesty, the president abjured the evil policies of his wicked predecessor.)
  5. (n.) mercy (After he forgot their anniversary, Martin could only beg Maria for clemency.)

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  1. defileto laugh at mockingly, scorn


  2. ascetic(adj.) biting, bitter in tone or taste (Jill became extremely acerbic and began to cruelly make fun of all her friends.)


  3. diffidentto laugh at mockingly, scorn


  4. aspersion(n.) a curse, expression of ill-will (The rival politicians repeatedly cast aspersions on each others' integrity.)


  5. cursory(adj.) brief to the point of being superficial (Late for the meeting, she cast a cursory glance at the agenda.)