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  1. buttress
  2. adumbrate
  3. desecrate
  4. approbation
  5. arrogate
  1. a 1. (v.) to support, hold up (The column buttresses the roof above the statue.)
    2. (n.) something that offers support (The buttress supports the roof above the statues.)
  2. b (n.) praise (The crowd welcomed the heroes with approbation.)
  3. c (v.) to violate the sacredness of a thing or place (They feared that the construction of a golf course would desecrate the preserved wilderness.)
  4. d (v.) to sketch out in a vague way (The coach adumbrated a game plan, but none of the players knew precisely what to do.)
  5. e (v.) to take without justification (The king arrogated the right to order executions to himself exclusively.)

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  1. (n.) a cursed, detested person (I never want to see that murderer. He is an anathema to me.)
  2. (adj.) practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious (The priest lives an ascetic life devoid of television, savory foods, and other pleasures.)
  3. (n.) tremendous noise, disharmonious sound
  4. readiness to believe
  5. (v.) to polish, shine (His mother asked him to burnish the silverware before setting the table.)

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  1. boon(adj.) intellectually convincing (Irene's arguments in favor of abstinence were so cogent that I could not resist them.)


  2. aspersion(adj.) biting, bitter in tone or taste (Jill became extremely acerbic and began to cruelly make fun of all her friends.)


  3. calumny(n.) mercy (After he forgot their anniversary, Martin could only beg Maria for clemency.)


  4. deleterious(adj.) extremely bad (The student who threw sloppy joes across the cafeteria was punished for his egregious behavior.)


  5. diffidentto laugh at mockingly, scorn