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  1. Pneumonia
  2. Recombinant DNA
  3. Prion
  4. Capsid
  1. a Genetically engineered DNA made from fragments of DNA from different organisms
  2. b layer of protein surrounding the
    nucleic acid in a virus
  3. c Lung Cells
  4. d a non-living pathogen made of only protein

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  1. a world-wide outbreak of disease
  2. to figure out all the genes in a human so diseases could be cured/prevented
  3. creating DNA from RNA
  4. A world-wide outbreak of a disease
  5. figuring out the order of the letters in a strand of DNA

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  1. Virusesa non-living pathogen made of nucleic acid and protein


  2. Viroida non-living pathogen made only of DNA


  3. EnvelopeExtra layer on the outside


  4. Genetic EngineeringThe process of breaking the DNA of an organism into little pieces and putting the pieces into other organisms


  5. LysogenicSome viruses infect their hosts and start reproducing themselves right away, making their host sick quickly. Their reproductive cycle