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  1. How to create a recombinant DNA
  2. Vector
  3. Capsid
  4. Transmission
  5. Recombinant DNA
  1. a A living organism like an animal or insect that carries
  2. b Genetically engineered DNA made from fragments of DNA from different organisms
  3. c layer of protein surrounding the
    nucleic acid in a virus
  4. d i. Cut out the Gene
    ii. Insert into a vector
    iii. Open receiver DNA
    iv. Splice (glue) the two pieces together
  5. e how a pathogen gets from host to host

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  1. that things cause disease
  2. How a pathogen gets from its reservoir to its host
  3. a non-living pathogen made only of DNA
  4. A world-wide outbreak of a disease
  5. Proteins only; seems to interfere with other proteins in cells; can cause disease

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  1. CapsidProtein coat


  2. VirusesNot living


  3. Hostare viruses living?


  4. DNA Sequencingto figure out all the genes in a human so diseases could be cured/prevented


  5. EpidemicA world-wide outbreak of a disease