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  1. Hepatitis
  2. Pandemic
  3. How to create a recombinant DNA
  4. AIDS
  5. DNA Sequencing
  1. a a world-wide outbreak of disease
  2. b i. Cut out the Gene
    ii. Insert into a vector
    iii. Open receiver DNA
    iv. Splice (glue) the two pieces together
  3. c Liver Cells
  4. d to figure out all the genes in a human so diseases could be cured/prevented
  5. e White Blood Cells

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  1. figuring out the order of the letters in a strand of DNA
  2. A long term host, usually shows no to mild symptoms; where the virus lives until it moves to humans
  3. a non-living pathogen made of only protein
  4. creating DNA from RNA
  5. A world-wide outbreak of a disease

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  1. HostAn organism in which the pathogen lives and causes disease


  2. Transmissiona non-living pathogen made of only protein


  3. Prionsa non-living pathogen made of only protein


  4. Transgenic Organisman organism that has recombinant DNA that functions


  5. BacteriophageBacteria


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