Theatre Exam


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What are common types of comedy?
High Comedy, Low comedy, Romantic comedy, sentimental comedy, domestic comedy, comedy of manner, comedy of ideas, dark comedy
overbearing and arrogant
What are the different parts of a Greek Tragedy?
Prologue, parodos, chorus, episode, stasimon, exodos
What playwright is often called the father of realism
Henrik Ibsen
Facing a cold, hostile universe, these playwrights felt that what happens in life cannot be imprecise and that traditional structures of plays fail to reflect the ridiculousness, meaninglessness, anxiety and chaos of the world. Which "ism" is this?
The count of Monte Cristo, Stars Wars, and Indiana Jones are examples of what kind of Tragedy?
Shakespeare's theatre did not use complicated sets. Instead the actors would describe the settings using what?
Verbal Scene Painting
With which "ism" does the artist impose his or her own internal state of mind onto the outside world creating a subjective account of a subjective perception?
Some realistic plays simply point out a problem without offering a solution. What are these plays called?
Problem plays
What word is used to describe any work of art that is experimental, innovative, or unconventional?
Avant- Garde
What are the three types of Absurdism?:
Fatalist, Hilardism, Existentialist
A musical has three parts: the music with orchestrated melodies; the lyrics or the sung words; and the spoken lines of dialogue. What other name describes the spoken lines?
What is a play with music sometimes called?
Straight Play
What is a big musical number that results in a torrent of applause called?
A showstopper
What musical combined comedy and serious drama to create what we know today as the American musical?
The Black Crook Musical
Which play, produced in 1866, is often called the first modern musical?
The Black Crook
What type of Opera is sometimes called light Opera?
What are musicals that have less spoken dialogue then music, such as Les Miserables and Evita also known as?
Operatic Musicals
What are musicals that have particularly well-developed story lines, characters and spoken dialogue called?
Book Musicals
What form of early American "Entertainment" included comic scenes, dance interludes, and sentimental ballads, all based on white stereotypes of black life in the south?
Minstrel Show
Which country produces more musicals today than any other>
A __________ is a program of satirical sketches, singing, and dancing on a particular theme.
A revue
The song "tonight" from West Side Story is an example of ________.
A ballad
Who writes the book portion of a musical?
Which composer is the creator of Cats,, Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?
Andrew Lloyd Webber
The movie Chicago was based on a Broadway musical choreographed by ________.
Bob Fosse
What term refers to the Hindi cinema?
Who wrote such famous musicals as Sweeney Todd and Sunday in the Park with George?
Stephen Sondheim
When a song is sung a second time it is called a _____ .
____ is the longest running off Broadway Musical in American History.
The first Opera originated in what country?
The fist talkie movie
The Jazz Singer