Chapter 4 WA state

Washington, A state of Contrasts chapters 4 explorations
Colonial Empires
US, Great Britain, Spain, France, Russia
Christopher Columbus
1492, Spanish
Treaty of Tordesillas
1492, line of demarcation between Spain/Portugal
Northwest Passsage
Supposed passage through North America, pursued by many explorers. Turned out to be northern and too icy to navigate.
Sir Francis Drake
1577, British, 1st English explorer in Pacific Northwest
18th Century Spanish
Juan Perez, Bruno de Hezeta, Juan Bodega y Quadra, Francisco Eliza, and Manuel Quimper.
Juan Perez
1774, Nootka Village
Bruno de Hezeta, Juan Bodega y Quadra
1775, San Rogue (Columbia) River
Francisco ELiza, Manuel Quimper
1790s, Juan de Fuca, Georgia, Haro, Rosario straits, San Juan Islands.
18th Century British
James Cook, John Meares, George Vancouver
James Cook
1778, Scientific explorer, realized value of fish, fur, and forests.
John Meares
1786, Search for profit, Nootka Controversy.
Nootka Controversy/Convention
Controversy between Spanish and British on British rights in the Pacific Northwest.
George Vancouver
1792, Explored, mapped, ensured Nootka Convention.
Vitus Bering, Alexei Chirikov
Vitus Bering, Alexei Chirikov
1728, 1741, duo expedition. To claim/stake, map Alaska, North America, Pacific.
US Exploration
Lewis&Clark, Robert Gray
Robert Gray
1792, Sailed entire region, made clear US economical/political interest.
Louisiana Purchase
Purchase of Lousiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte by Thomas Jefferson.
Corps of Discovery
Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea, York, Nez Percé to map territory
Lewis& Clark Expedition
Missouri River, Rocky Mountains, Fort Clatsop, Return trip to St. Louis