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organization, resourcefulness and creativity, learning new skills to be effective
improvisation when speaking
What can you do for us?
Marketing knowledge, organization and research skills, office experience and communication skills, computer knowledge, photography and videography experience, as well i have a mentor in the family with 20 yrs experience
Why Food Matters for you?
responsibilities play to my experience and knowledge, feel I can be a versatile asset, believe it's a great start to a career.
What is your organizing experience?
youth events, environmental and cultural projects, team planning
Youth events experience
2007 unity run, environmental youth corps, sports and movie nights,
Project organization experience
Beautification of arbour grounds, recycling program, university project and presentation planning,
Describe your personality
calm and laid-back, creative, nice, tend to get really involved in things I enjoy. Can be quiet but I'm not shy.
Leadership example?
When I was attending Trent University, I was assistant captain for my department hockey team. I assisted in organizing and recruiting. I ensured that players paid their fee, organized practices, and created a team strategies.
What computer programs are you familiar with?
Microsoft office suite, Google Applications, Pro Tools, Video-editing software, Some photoshop experience, file conversion software,
Tell us about Marketing
1. product/service analysis (core benefits, tangible design or use)
2. Marketing analysis or targeting (SWOT, porters five forces model)
3. Understanding product life cycles
Product/Service Analysis
Marketing Analysis
Market segmentation, Utilizing SWOT analysis and Porters Five forces model
Understanding Product Life Cycles