Economic, ecological, evolutionary importance of organisms (Part 4)

fill-ins (word bank?)
Phylum Mollusca
food source, multibillion $ industry
Phylum Mollusca
bivalves filter water, which removes impurities and cleanses ecosystems
Class Bivalvia
get purple dye from this class
Class Oligochaeta
aerates the soil
Class Oligochaeta
bait industry
Phylum Nematoda
over $5 billion crop damage each year
Phylum Nematoda
infects 1 of 6 people worldwide
Phylum Nematoda
leads to elephantiasis
Phylum Nematoda
recycle bacteria/fungi into animal tissue
Phylum Nematoda
Guinea worms enter people's bodies
Class Merostomata
source of lysate, which clots around bacteria
Class Merostomata
source of food for migratory birds
Class Echinoidea
can wipe out the coral reefs
Class Echinoidea
harvested for gonads ("roe")
Class Holothuridea
oriental delicacy
Phylum Porifera
forms basis for bath sponge industry
Class Anthozoa
coral reefs are a diverse, important ecosystem
Class Hydrozoa
important link in the freshwater food chain
Phylum Platyhelminthes
can cause tropical diseases
Class Hirudinea
used as a medical anti-coagulant
Phylum Annelida
ranching of this phylum is a major industry
Phylum Arthropoda
critically important herbivores, primary converters of plant tissue to animal tissue on planet