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A small, glassy material formed by impact of large body, usually a meteor or asteroid commonly found at the sixties of meteor craters.


The point in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body where it is farthest from the Sun


Bright patches that are visible on the Sun's surface, or photosphere


A point directly overhead from an observer


A process by where the atmosphere melts away and removes the surface material of an incoming meteorite


The measure of how an object's orbit differs from a perfect circle


The area of partial illumination surrounding the darkest part of a shadow caused by an eclipse


Areas of the Sun's surface that are cooler than surrounding areas. They usually appear black on visible light photographs of the sun and are usually associated disturbances in the Sun's electromagnetic field


A form if ionized gas on which the temperature is too high for atoms to exist in their natural state, composed of free electrons and free atomic nuclei


The point in space at which the solar wind meets the interstellar medium or solar wind from other stars

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