Chap 7 Vocab

polyatomic ion
an ion made of more than one atom
formula unit
a compound's formula represents a definite amount of that compound is called ________
a________is a neutral particle formed when neutral atoms combine
chemical symbol
a________is a shorthand representation of an element
an atom that has become electrically charged is called an _____
emperical formula
the simpilest whole-number ratio of atoms or ions in a compound is indicated by an__________
binary compound
a_______ is any compound containing only 2 elements
ionic compound
a compound composed of charged particles is called an________
chemical formula
a _________ is a combination of symbols representing the composition of a compound
molecular formula
a formula for a compound that exists as a molecule is called a____
oxydation number
the charge on a monatomic ion is known as its_________
A _________ represents the number of atoms of a given kind in a compound
For the formula of a compound to be correct the algebraic addition of the charges on the atoms or ions in the compound must add up to ______
H2 (2 is a subscript) is an example of a __________
binary compound
SO3(3 is a subscript) is an example of a____________