16 terms

Framework for Presentational Speaking

AP Spanish presentational speaking for 2014 exam
las semejanzas entre..
the similarities between..
lo que hay en común es..
what there is in common is..
a diferencia de..
different from, unlike
al contrario..
on the contrary
como afirma la primera fuente../la fuente escrita..
like the first source../written source confirmed
ambas fuentes destacan/señalan..
both sources indicate/highlight/mention..
mientras hay controversia entre..
while there is controversy between..
a mi parecer..(indicativo)
in my opinion
opino que..(indicativo)
I think that
volviendo al tema..
getting back to the subject
se puede concluir que..
it can be concluded that
de esto se deduce que..
from all this one can deduce that
si (no) hubiera..
if they had/hadn't..
sin duda alguna..
without a doubt
gracias por su atención
thank you for your attention
ojala que hayan aprendido hoy
I hope you have learned today