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Twenties and Thirties Review

Edmonton Grads
Were a Canadian women's basketball team. Holds North American record for best winning percentage of all time.
branch plants
factories, offices, or other operations set up in canada but owned or controlled by U.S. or other foreign companies
Famous Five
5 women in Canada who fought to have women declared "persons" under the law
J.S. Woodsworth
first leader of the CCF
Bloody Saturday
the peak of the Winnipeg General Strike, when a parade turned violent after an armed RCMP charged into the crowd
A condition in which production of goods exceeds the demand for them. This occurred in the 1920s.
tax on imported goods
avoiding reality by diverting oneself with amusements. People in the Depression used escapist entertainment to forget their troubles.
Swing Era
(1935-1946) when big band swing music was the most popular music in North America.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Begun on 2 November 1936
Maurice Duplessis
leader of the Union Nationale
Bennett Buggies
a term used in Canada during the Great Depression to describe a car which had its engine and windows taken out and was pulled by a horse.
Regina Manifesto
1933 founding document of Canada's Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (now the NDP)
William Aberhart
the founder and leader of the Alberta Social Credit party
a long period without rain. The Canadian Prairies experienced an extended drought during the Depression which made the Depression much worse for farmers.
Regina Riot
thousands of men protesting work camp conditions resisted RCMP and local police after their union leaders discussions failed in Ottawa.
Riding the rods
This term refers to the unemployed young men of the Great Depression who travelled around the country looking for work by "hopping" on freight trains.
relief or the "dole"
payments made to the unemployed during the Depression
comic book character invented by a Canadian during the Depression
a contraction of economic activity resulting in a decline of prices
October 29, 1929
the date that the stock market crashed
Agnes McPhail
first Canadian woman elected to Parliament
a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership. Communism was popular during the Depression as a possible solution to the economic crisis.
women who abandoned dress and conduct codes of the past; these rebellious girls became the symbol of the Roaring Twenties; wore short skits, used slang. Flappers engaged in new dances, wore heavy makeup, and drank or smoked in public