Wordly Wise 3000 Book 11 Lesson 5

15 terms by skyelightning

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adj. Difficult to understand.


v. 1. To arise or increase as a natural result or growth, usually used with to or from.
2. To come as a regular addition.


v. to accept as inevitable; to comply passively.


v. To stain or tarnish; to make dirty.


adj. Fully and clearly expressed, leaving nothing merely implied.


adj. Purposely affected; theatrical.
n. pl. Exaggerated displays of emotion, intended to produce an effect or response.


n. 1. The quality or state of being improper or unsuitable.
2. Something that is improper.


v. 1. To lure or trick into doing something.
2. To obtain by flattery or trickery.


adj. Sorry for having done wrong.


n. Honesty; trustworthiness; adherence to virtue.


v. To give or present the often false impression of being someone or intending something.


n. An unforseen or indirect result or effect of an event.


n. Something that is made known or revealed, often coming as a surprise.


n. An overabundant supply; an excess.


adj. 1. Having an unpleasant look, taste, or smell.
2. Morally offensive.

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