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Lessons 1 -3


a written plan of government


a person who owes money.


land beyond settled areas.


a plant that produces a blue dye.


a person who buys and sells for another person.

In what year was the Carolina Colony split into two colonies

Caroline split into two colonies in 1712.

When was the last of the 13 colonies founded?

The last colony was founded in 1733 (Georgia).

How did the government of the Maryland Colony protect religious freedoms?

The government was formed by colonists made sure religious freedoms were protected; unlike England.

What led to conflicts between colonists and Native Americans?

Native Americans lived in the areas that the settlers wanted to live. The more colonists that took over the land; more conflicts arose.

How did the economy of the Southern Colonies depend on enslaved Africans?

Southern Colonies grew as a result of growing plantations and the labor of enslaved Africans.

Why was Fort Mose important?

It was the first settlement in North America for free Africans.

What was the main cash crop in Virginia, Maryland, and northern North Carolina - rice, tobacco, indigo, or wheat?


Which city was an important shipbuilding center - Jamestown, Baltimore, New Bern, or Savannah?

Baltimore, Maryland.

Why were waterways in the Southern Colonies especially important?

Waterways were important for shipping goods, growing cities, and making new jobs.

How did the location of a farm in the Southern Colonies affect the kind of crops grown there?

The ground was to wet and climate too warm in most Southern Colonies to grow tobacco; instead they grew rice.

How did enslaved Africans resist slavery? Why would it be important to come up with creative ways to work against slavery?

Slaves resisted work by breaking tools, faking sick, and working slowly. If slaves were caught not working the punishment was harsh.

What were the reasons for the founding of the Maryland Colony?

The Calverts, who were Catholic, wanted to build a colony in North America that would make money and also a refuge for their religion.

Why was the Carolina Colony hard to govern?

The land was large and the colonists often did not follow laws they did not like.

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