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Would a biopsy code usually include the administration of any necessary local anesthesia?


What is arthrocentesis

Aspiration of a joint

What is a uniplane fixation device?

Device that has 2 or more pins inserted above a fracture & 2 or more pins below a fracture on only 1 surface & is used to stabilize the fracture

What is the name of the graft that is taken from the lower thigh area where the fascia is the thickest?

Fascia lata graft

What type of stimulation often is used to promote healing of a slow healing fracture?

Electrical or ultrasound

What is fast becoming the surgical method of choice for many musculoskeletal procedures today?


What is the term that describes the use of tape applied to the body to provide support or limit motion?


Do you bill for the removal of a cast that your physician applied?

No-removal is part of cast service

What 2 words describe when elastic wrap or take is fastened to the skin or wrapped around a limb and weights are then attached to the wraps or tape?

Skin traction

What is the primary difference between the excision codes found in the musculoskeletal system subsection and the excision codes found in the integumentary system subsection?

Musculoskeletal applies to muscle and Integumentary applies to skin & subcutaneous tissue. The primary difference is extent.

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