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Application of Casts and Strapping codes are used for what purpose?

Subsequent treatment of fractures of the extremities, ligament sprains or tears, and overuse injuries.

Materials used for casts

Plaster, fiberglass, or thermoplastics


Taping of a body part and is used to exert pressure on a body part to give it more stability. Used in the treatment of sprains, strains, and dislocations.


Made of wood, cloth, metal, or plastic and are used to immobilize, support, or protect a body party.

Removal of cast, strapping, or splint

Included in each of the application of Casts and Strapping codes.

Application of cast, strapping, or splint

If applied as a part of a fracture repair, you do not code application service separately. Application and removal a bundled into the fracture repair codes. If subsequent cast, strapping, or splint is applied within follow-up period, you can bill by coding application as well as materials and adding modifier -58. Separate office visit can be billed only if patient is provided some other separate and significant service while not in global period in addition to application of the item. Add modifier -25 for this.

When can you use the Application of Cast & Strapping codes?

When physician applies initial cast, strapping or splint for stabilization prior to definitive treatment by other provider, applies subsequent cast, strapping or splint, treats sprain and does not expect o provide any other type of restorative treatment.

The subheading Application of Cast & Strapping 3 major categories

Body & Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Removal or Repair (only for removal or repair by another physician)

Codes in this category are divided in what manner?

Location of the cast, splint or strapping on the body; and they type (static or movable).

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