Wordly Wise Lesson 18

15 terms by dont_ask72

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Blahblah, yes we are one lesson behind from other classes, but if you want a review... blahblah test is on Wednesday! You might want to try studying right now, to avoid procrastinating any further.


To compliment strongly


Someone who discriminates others because they are different


To have a loning, envious desire for something belonging to another person


Dead; one who has recently died


Difficult, causing apprehension or fear


An area occupied by a minority group, who is stuck there because of their social status


Very significant; important


To weigh down with worry; to subdue by harsh force


To completely vanquish or defeat; to deeply affect the emotions of; to upset or keel over


To realize through (usually) sight; to absorb information through the mind


A debut of a play, film, etc.


Expected or likely to occur or happen


To refuse or reject in a scornful manner


Loyal; strong and true


A brief essay on one topic; a series of variated musical notes; a melody associated w/ something; the main, dominant idea in something

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