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Jing Def or Blood DefHair lossBi syndrome (Painful obstruction syndrome)Musculoskeletal pain, soreness, numbness or heaviness w/ swelling & restricted movementWei Syndrome (flaccidity syndrome)Gradual onset of weakness, motor impairment, muscular atrophy of limbsSpleen disharmonyChange in muscles (flaccid, wasting)Liver disharmonyChange in tendons (Stiffness, weakness)Heart disharmonyChange in Blood vessels (hardening, producing hard pulse)Lung disharmonyChange in skin (tone, dryness)Kidney disharmonyChanges in bones (brittle)Qi Xu & Excess damp phlegmOverweight w/ mental DepressionExhaustion of essential QiLoss of weight in long term illnessBlood XuThin w/ dry stoolExcess Lung syndrome w// excess phlegmExtended neckQi Xu w/ SOB, dislike of speakingFacing downwardWind disease, infantile convulsionsViolent movement of limbsWei syndromesWeakness, motor impairment, muscular atrophy of limbsBi syndromesPain, soreness, heaviness & numbness in Tendons, bones & muscles w/ swelling & restricted movements of jointsHemiplegia or wind strokeNumbness or impairment of limbs on one side of the bodyYang, excess or heat patternsActive patient with excessive jerky movementYin def, coldPassive fidgeting esp on legsDef kidney yinContinuous fidgeting, esp of legsInterior liver windTremors, convulsions (of whole body or localized)Blood or kidney jingHair relates toBlood Xu or KD jing XuHair loss & premature grayingLiver blood or yin defDandruff relates toHealthy liver2 light & shallow lines between eyebrowsLiver problem, such as frequent anger2-3 deep lines between eye browsSerious liver problem (can occur after considerable hardship)A single line between eye browsFace colorRepresents the strength of Qi & blood of the zang fu organ Esp.HTHeat fr. External evil or hyperactivity of zang fu (excess)Whole face is redInternal heat (Xu)Red checks, tidal fever, night sweatsYin excess or Yang XuPale white faceYang Qi XuBright white face w/ puffy & bloated appearanceBlood XuWithered white faceJaundiceYellow body, face , eyes & skinYang Jaundice (damp heat)Bright orange faceYin jaundice (cold damp or long term stag)Smokey darkBlood or Qi XuPale yellow face (not bright))Excess yin & coldPale Face w/ blue tinge & severe pain in the enigmas trim & abdomenStagnation of Heart bloodBlueish-purple face & lips w// intermittent pain behind the sternum or precordial regionInfantile convulsionBluish purple face & lips w/ high fever & violent movements of limbs in childrenKidney yang xuPale & dark face w/ lumbar soreness & cold feetProlonged blood stagnationDark face w/ scaly skinShen & jingEyes reflectTo the eyesLiver opensGood vitality of Shen & JingShining and clear eyesWind heat or liver fireRedness & swelling in eyesJaundiceYellow sclera eyesDamp heatUlcerationLiver windUpward straight forward or sideways staringDisturbance of liver windNystagmusDef of LR blood, KD yin or JingSeeing Spots in eyesDef of KDSwelling or dark rings under eyesRelates to ST& SPTip of noseHeat in LU or Qi Xu of Both LU & KDFlapping of Ala NasiWind coldClear discharge fr noseWind heatTurbid discharge fr noseRhinitis or chronic sinusitisProlonged turbid discharge w/stinking discharge fr noseBlood XuPale lipsRetention of cold or blood stagBluish purple lipsExcess heatRed & dry lipsLU Qi defBreathing thru mouthDeficiencyMouth always slightly openDeficiencySudden collapse w/ mouth openExcessSudden collapse w/ lockjawLiver blood stasis or liver invading SPGreenish around mouthBlood XuPale gumsStomach fireRedness & swelling of gumsInjury of vessels by ST fireRedness & Swelling of gums w/ bleedingLU & ST heatRedness swelling & soreness in throatToxic heat in LU & STRedness & Swelling w/ yellow or white ulcer spots on throatDef KD yinSlightly sore, dry, red, not swollen throat chronic conditionYin Xu w/ hyperactive fireBright red throat w/ mild sorenessDiphtheria fr heat in LU consuming yinfalse grey & white membrane over throat that is hard to remove, & bleeds following removalConsumption of KD essenceBurnt black & dry & withered Auricles in severe illenessDamp heat of LR & GBPurulent discharge fr earsExhausted fluidsDry dull skin on wrists/ankles with withered fleshState of STThenar eminenceBlood XUPale nailsLR or HT blood stasisBluish nailsLR blood DefSplit nailsWhen checking venules on a boyLeft index fingerWhen checking venules on a girlRight index fingerGatesCreases in joints of index fingersWind gateFirst crease at map articulationQi gateSecond (1st interphalangeal)Life gateThird (distal interphalangeal)Cold patternBluish venulesHeat patternReddish venulesLungSkin relates toCondition of blood (therefore LR as it stores blood)Skin indicates the condition ofHeat in blood or stasis or LRMany skin conditions relate toHeat in ST which causes Blood heatSkin disease can relate toDef bloodDry skinWindItchy skinKD yang DefPitting EdemaExterior manifestation of the superficial channelsSpider veinsPainGreenish venulesST heat or Damp HeatSweating on the headCollapse of YangOily sweat on foreheadSt & SP DefSweating only on arms &/or legsLU Qi or mental anxietySweating only on handsLu Qi defSweating over the whole bodyYin defFive palms heatYang collapseProfuse cold sweat during severe illnessDamp heatYellow sweatYin edemaSP/KD often pitting & more lower body Fr. Over strain, food/drink, sexual indulgence, debilityYang edemaLU/SP non pitting Fr. Exogenous factors affecting fr face & can spread to rest of bodyExterior attack of Wind cold disturbing the yang or Qi in headSudden onset & short durationInterior conditionChronic headachesQi or yang defDaytime headacheBlood or yinEvening headacheTai yang BL/SI Exterior wind-cold or KD DefOccipital headacheHanging LI/ST St heat or Blood def or exogenous windFrontal headacheShao yang and GB/SJ Wind cold or wind heat in Shao yang or rising LR fire affecting GBTemporal or parietal headacheJueyin LV Def LR bloodVertex headacheSevere exterior wind cold Mild def of blood & qiWhole head headacheDampness or phlegmHeaviness in head Tight band around headKD defPain inside the brain (headache)Ascending LR yangDistending throbbing or bursting painBlood stagnationFixed pain in one area w/ boring sensationExterior invasion of pathogenic factorsHeadache w/ aversion to wind or coldQi defHeadache worse when fatigue better when at restInternal wind from ascending LR fireDizziness w/ loss of balance, often w/ signs of tinnitus, headache, nausea, red eyes, P-wiry, irritabilityPhlegmMild to severe dizziness w/ heavy & foggy feeling in the head plus other signs eg. Nausea, excessive sputum, P-slipperyPhlegm obstructsThe head so that the clear yang cannot ascendQi & blood defSlight dizziness, worse w/ fatigue, accompanied by signs of fatigue, perhaps palpitations & difficulty falling asleep, T-pale, P weakAcute onset of dizzinessIndicates an excess patternGradual onset or chronic diseaseIndicates a def patternInvasion of exterior wind, usually wind coldPain that has sudden onset & accompanied by chills & feverDef of Qi & bloodPain all over the body w/ fatiqueDef bloodPostpartum women w/ dull painBlood stasisPostpartum women w/ severe, fixed or stabbing painDampness obstructing the musclesPain with a feeling of heavinessWindWandering Bi painCold BiFixed & very painful joints that are worse in cold weather & improve w/ heatDamp BiFixed pain w/ numbness & heaviness that is worse when damp outsideWind cold & damp have turned to heatJoint pain w/ swelling & heat in jointsKD defContinuous dull back pain that better w/ restLumbar sprain caused by Blood stasisSevere pain & stiffness w/ recent onsetExogenous cold & damp into channels of backSevere pain that is worse in cold damp but improve by heatBlood stasisFixed & boring pain & an inability to turn at waistExterior wind attackPain that extends up to shoulders w/ other exterior symptoms like headache, stiff neck, nasal congestionBlood defBilateral numbness of hands & feet or arms & legsWind & phlegm (impending wind stroke)Numbness of fingers (esp 1-3 digits) numbness of the elbow & arm on one sideThoraxHT, LU, UJFlanks & ribcageLR & GBAbdomenLR, Intestines, SP KD, BLEpigastric areaSP & STUmbilical areaKDBlood stasis in HT fr Def YangChest painPhlegm heat in LUChest pain w/ cough & copious Yellow PlegmLR Qi StagDistension or discomfort in the hypochondriac regionLR Blood StasisSevere hypochondriac painLR Qi stag or ST heatEpicanthic painRetention of food in the STDull Epigastric PainDef cold in STPain in epigastric is better after eating or applying heatExcess patternEpigastric pain is worse after eating Fullness in the epigastric Pain in lower abdomen relieved by deificationDeficiencyPain in lower abdomen worse on deficationDamp heat in the BL LR Fire coursing down into BLHypogastric pain etiologies:Def SP qiLack of appetiteST heatAlways hungryRetention of foodFullness/distension after eatingExcess heat pattern (LR or HT)Bitter taste in mouthLR fireConstant bitter taste in mouthHT fireBitter taste in morning after no sleepSP def or Damp heatSweet tasteRetention of food in ST or LR invading STSour tasteKD yin DefSalty tasteLU heatPungent tasteLR invading STSour vomitingCold in ST w/ fluid retentionClear/ watery vomittingHeat patternVomiting after eatingExcess patternSudden & loud vomittingDef patternSlow & weak vomittingHeat in ST & intestinesAcute constipation w/ frequent dry stools, accompanied by thirst & a dry yellow tongue coatingDef blood & fluidsConstipation in elderly or women postpartumLR Qi stag & heat in IntestinesConstipation w/ sm, bitty stoolsLR Qi StagDifficult bowel movements w/ stools that are Not dryKD or ST yin defConstipation w/ dry stools & thirst w/ sips of fluidLR Qi invading the SPAlternating constipation & diarrheaLV Qi STag, Interior heat or cold in IntestinesDiarrhea w/ painHeatDiarrhea w/ foul door, esp if urgentHeatUrgent diarrhea or loose stool w/ burning sensation in anusColdDiarrhea w/ absence of odorDef KD or SP Yang failing to transform food & fluidChronic DiarrheaKD yang DefChronic daily, early morning (cocks crow diarrhea)Dampness in IntestinesDiarrhea w/ mucousDef Yang, Def Qi or DampFrequent watery or unformed stoolsDef SP QI or DampFrequent watery or unformed stoolsDef SP Qi or Def SP yangLoose stools with undigested foodSinking of SP Qi or ST & SP Qi defFrequent or urgent stools that are not loose or slightly looseBlood stagBlack or very dark stoolsHeat patternDiarrhea w/bloodSp defBorborygmus w/ loose stoolsLR Qi stagBorborygmus w/ abdominal distension but no loose stoolLR Qi StagFlatulenceDamp heat in SP, ST heat, Stag Qi in SIFlatulence w/ foul odorDef SP Yang producing interior coldFlatulence without odorKD yang DefEnuresis/ incontinenceDamp heat in BLRetention of urineDamp heat in BLDifficult urine, esp painful w/ painful & dark urineKD Qi def, dampness or coldInability to complete urination, dribbling or lack of force in urinatingKD yang defFrequent & copious urininationKD Qi defFrequent & scanty urinationDamp heat in bladderFrequent scanty & dark urinationStag of Qi in lower jiaoPain before urinationHeat in BLPain during urinationDampness in BLTurbid or cloudy urineDef of QIPain after urinationCold of BL & KD, usually fr def KD yangPale urineKD Yang defLarge amounts of urineHeat or Dampness obstructing BL, Deficient fluids, KD yin Def producing HeatScanty urinationDef HT BloodUnable to fall asleep but sleep well once asleepHeat disturbing the Shen (which can be due to KD yin failing to nourish HT yin, ST heat from Retention of food)Waking often during the nightGB defWaking early or unable to fall asleep again Common in elderly as Qi & blood are weakerLR Fire/ HT fire (can be due to KD yin Def)Dream disturbed sleepExcess condition usually LR Fire or LR WindSudden onset TinnitusKD defGradual onset of TinnitusDeficiencyTinnitus alleviated by pressing on earsRising LV Yang, LV Fire, LV windTinnitus Loud, high pitched noise like whistleKD DefLow pitched tinnitus like rising waterExcess condition usually LR Fire,or LR windSudden onset on deafnessDeficiency, usually KD, or HT blood def, or Yang defGradual onset of deafnessExogenous wind heat or internal LR windEye pain, swelling & rednessLR Blood DefBlurry vision or floatersLV Blood DefPhotophobiaKD yin def &/or LV firePressure in eyesLV/KD Yin DefDryness of eyesExcess heat patternThirst for large amounts of cold waterCold pattern of ST or SPNo thirstDamp heatThirst w/ no desire to drinkYin Def (of ST or KD)Thirst w/ desire to sip liquids slowly or sip warm liquidsHeat in blood or Qi DefEarly arrival of periodBlood Def, blood stag or ColdLate periodLR Qi or Def Sp QiIrregular periodHeat in bloodHeavy blood loss that is bright red, mensesSp Qi DefMenses that is pale, scanty w/ spottingBlood Heat Def Sp Qi Stag of Qi or Blood Def LR/KI yin KI Yang XuAbnormal uterine bleedingBlood def or Stag of Blood or Cold ObstructingScanty periodsDef Blood & Qi Blood Stasis Def KD/LR yin Mucus dampness obstructing MensesAmenorrheaHeat in bloodMenses that is very dark red or bright redDef of bloodPale menstrual bloodBlood Stasis or coldPurple/ blackish bloodBlood stasis or coldCongealed blood w/ clotsBlood DeficiencyWatery bloodBlood heat or stagnation of coldTurbid bloodStag of Qi or Blood, cold/cold damp obstructingPain before periodsStag of Qi or blood, stag of cold, def blood or qiPain during periodsQi & blood defPain after periodsCold fr SP or KD yang Def, exogenous cold damp, Stag LR QiLeukorrhoea white thin clearDamp heat in lower jiaoLeucorrhoea that is yellow, esp. If thick & accompanied by vaginal itch & sorenessDamp heatLeukorrhoea that is red & white dischargeToxic damp heat in uterusLeukorrhea yellow with pus & blood after menopauseCold dampWatery leukorrhoeaDamp heatThick leukorrhoeaColdLittle or no odor leukorrhoeaHeatLeukorrhoea strong odorDef blood, def KD Jing or ColdInfertility d/t deficiency because ofDamp heat in lower burner or stasis of blood in uterusInfertility due to excess because ofST heat, def of St & ChongVomiting during pregnancyDef of blood or KD essenceMiscarriage before 3 monthsStasis of LR blood or sinking sp qiMiscarriage after 3 monthsExhaustion of Chong MaiNausea & heavy bleeding after giving birthExhaustion of Qi & bloodSweating & fever after giving birthBlood def has lead to HT blood DefPostnatal depressionDef cold patternA lack of desire to speakHeat patternIncessant talkingExterior pathogenic wind, esp if the throat is red & soreAcute onset of a hoarse voiceInterior disease such as def LU Qi or LU yinChronic or recurrent hoarse voiceDef LU Qi or YinGradual loss of voiceHeat is disturbing shenLoud voice with incoherent speechLV imbalanceShoutingHT imbalanceConstant LaughingLU imbalanceChronic weeping, whimpering, sadnessKD imbalanceGroaningMucus or Phlegm in LUWheezing or rattling fr LUExcess patternExplosive or very loud coughDeficient patternWeak coughHeat & dryness in LUDry hacking coughHeat scorching fluidsUnproductive cough w/ sm amounts of sticky sputumKD too weak to grasp qi, def type asthmaSOB, weak/ difficult breathingLV QI stagFrequent sighingRebellious ST QiHiccupsDef SP Qi or Def SP Yang (esp. If loose stools & bloating) Can be due to LR QI stagBorborygmusDamp heat in the LG IntestineUrgent diarrhea with foul stoolsRetention of foodBelching w/foul or sour odorDamp heat in the LJ affecting the uterusLeucorrhoea w/ strong foul odorSt heatChronic halitosisRelated to LRRancid "goatish" odorRelated to HTScorched or burned odorRelated to SPFragrant, sweet or cloyingRelated to LURank or rotten odorRelated to KDPutrid odor