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Translate: a meaning

un sens

Translate: a shame

une honte

Translate: like always

comme d'habitude

Translate: to mean

vouloir dire

Translate: to make bad


Translate: firefighter

un pompier

Translate: a career (job)

un métier

Translate: a task

une tache

Translate: slang for job

un boulot

Translate: sometimes


Translate: to be bored


Translate: pocket money

argent de poche

Translate: a night club

une boite (de nuit)

Translate: to get angry

se facher

Translate: to download


Translate: to dream


Translate: it's not worth it

ce n'est pas la peine

Translate: disappointed


Translate: a lie

un mensonge

Translate: to get along well

s'entendre bien

Translate: to get along badly

s'entendre mal

Translate: to convince


Translate: to be hooked on..

être accro de

Translate: to share


Translate: turtle neck

un col roulé

Translate: to bother


Translate: It's not my thing

ce n'est pas mon truc

Translate: a big over the shoulder purse

un sac besace

Translate: on purpose


Translate: to keep


Ou sont Lila et claire dans l'histoire?

au centre commercial

Pour quelles choses Claire aime-t-elle garder son fric?

pour aller aux sports d'hiver.

Translate: I am not

je ne suis pas

Translate: I am not at all

je ne suis pas du tout

Translate: I am no longer

je ne suis plus

Translate: I am never

je ne suis jamais

Translate: I am nothing

je ne suis rien

Translate: I am no one

je ne suis personne

Translate: I am neither stupid nor funny

je ne suis ni stupide ni amusant

Translate: I did not see

je n'ai pas vu

Translate: I did not see anyone

je n'ai vu personne (note the position of personne, after the past participle)

Translate: none at all.


What is the opposite of: quelquefois


What is the opposite of: deja


What is the opposite of: toujours

plus or jamais

What is the opposite of: souvent


How do you make the stem of the imparfait?

take the nous form of the present tense and drop the ons ending.

What is the stem of : finir?


What is the stem of : vendre


What is the stem of : être?


What is different about commencer with regard to the imparfait?

cedilla in all forms except nous and vous

What is different about manger with regard to the imparfait?

an extra e in every form except nous and vous

What is the imperfect stem of : lire


What is the imperfect stem of : prendre


What is the imperfect stem of : faire


What is the imperfect stem of : avoir


Translate: inside out

a l'envers

Translate: to disguise oneself

se deguiser

Translate: a cicada

une cigale

Translate: a baby

un bébé

Translate: to want that

vouloir que

Translate: to desire that

avoir envie que

Translate: to demand that

exiger que

Translate: to wish that

souhaiter que

Do you use the subjuntive or the infinitive if there is no swith of subject from the main clause to the dependent clause?

the infinitive

Do you use the subjunctive or the infinitive if there is a switch of subject from the main clause to the dependent clause?

the subjunctive

Conjugate in the subjuctive: Prendre

prenne, prennes, prenne, prenions, preniez, prennent

Conjugate in the subjuctive: : venir

vienne, viennes, vienne, venions, veniez, viennent

Conjugate in the subjuctive: devoir

doive, doives, doive, devions, deviez, doivent

Conjugate in the subjuctive: comprendre

comprenne, comprennes, comprenne, comprenions, compreniez, comprennent

Conjugate in the subjuctive: voir

voie, voies, voie, voyions, voyiez, voient

Conjugate in the subjuctive: appeller

appelle, appelles, appelle, appelions, appeliez, appellent

Conjugate in the subjuctive: croire

croie, croies, croie, croyions, croyiez, croient

Translate with very inversion: Why does she like the music?

Pourquoi aime-t-elle la musique?

Translate: When does he eat?

Quand mange-t-il?

Translate: How much did we pay?

Combien avons-nous paye?

a cartoon

une bande dessiné

Assessements p 72-73 1,3,4 p 90-91 1,2,4,5,6 p 110-111 1,2,5,6,


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