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Social psychologists - 7 situational factors that influence conformity and compliance


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Group Size
Asch's research suggested that conformity increases as the _ increases up to about 4 members and then levels out. In a more recent study they found that groups averaging in size between 5 and 6 participants had even more of an effect. Needless to say, the _ need not be too large in order to assure conformity
The greater the _ of the group, the greater the community. The more attracted individuals are to the group, the more likely they are to conform to its demands.
Within the group, those who are in positions are either of high or of low _ are inclined to conform less than those who are positions are in the middle part of the group. As it appears that their positions are the most vulnerable and thus the most likely to change
Publicity and Surveillance
The more attention placed on the behavior, the more likely someone is to conform. _ attention can create additional pressure to conform.
Difficulty and Ambiguity
The more _ the task, the more _ the stimuli. The greater the conformity, the more reliance on the group for direction.
Fear and Anxiety
The greater the _ factor, the greater the conformity.
Allocation of resources
If the groups _ are divided up and shared equally amongst the group, the greater the likelihood that the group will be complian