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The Aeneid Book One

Why is Juno angry?
Knowledge that her "pet" city, Carthage is fated to be destroyed by Rome; Judgement of Paris; abduction of Ganymede
Aeneas, "limbs limp in the chill of fear, groans and lifting both his palms toward the stars, cries out.."
Why does he cry to heaven in this way?
He wishes he had died a hero at Troy
Why does Neptune calm the storm?
He is insulted that he wasn't consulted about loosing the winds.
What does Virgil compare the calming of the storm to?
A man, exhibiting pietas, gravitas, and auctoritas, calming a rioting mob (Augustus ending Civil War)
How does Aeneas inspire his comrades to be courageous after the storm and shipwreck?
He reminds them that Fate "holds out a homeland, calm, at peace. There the gods decree the kingdom of Troy will rise again."
"Sick with mounting cares he assumes a look of hope and keeps his anguish buried in his heart." Which Roman virtue does Aeneas show here?
"Aeneas, most of all, devoted to his shipmates, deep within himself he moans for the losses..." Which Roman virtue here?
Why was Venus "consoled for Troy's demise, that heartrending ruin?"
That Rome's birth would arise because of Troy's demise.
"Aeneas will wage a long, costly war in Italy, crush defiant tribes and build high city walls for his people there and found the rule of law." What does this foreshadow?
The peace of Augustus, who crushed civil war, establish rule of law, and rebuilt Rome.
"Ascanius (Aeneas' son) now gains the name of Iulus." Why is this name significant?
It suggests that, with this name, Julius Caesar and Octavian are descended from Aeneas.
Who is the "royal priestess great with the brood of Mars?"
Ilia, another name for Rhea Silvia, mother of Romulus and Remus.
"On them I set no limits, space or time: I have granted them power, empire without end." What is this in reference to?
the destiny of Rome, fulfilled under Augustus.
"An age will come when Assaracus' royal house will quell Achilles' homeland, brilliant Mycenae too, and enslave their people, rule defeated Argos."
Rome will conquer Greece.
"Then will the violent centuries, battles set aside, grow gentle, kind."
The Pax Augusta, the Peace of Augustus
How do the Carthaginians "calm their fiery temper", so that Queen Dido offers hospitality to Aeneas and his men?
Jupiter sends Mercury to tell them to welcome the Trojans
How does Venus appear to Aeneas?
She appears as a huntress
How does Aeneas realize that this must be an "apotheosis" (appearance of a god)?
her face, her features, her voice that didn't seem human
How does the murder of Sychaeus by Pygmalion feature in the story?
Dido flees because Sychaeus was her husband
"Her neck shone with rosy glow, her mane of hair gave off an ambrosial fragrance, her skirt flowed loose..."
Aeneas realizes that this young woman is Venus (epiphany)
When Aeneas sees the building of Carthage he "marvels at gates and bustling hum and cobbled streets." Tyrians are "drafting laws, electing judges, a senate held in awe."
A foreshadowing of the future rebuilding of Rome under Augustus
"How lucky they are," exclaims Aeneas, "there walls are rising now!"
Aeneas longs for the future rising of Rome
To which god is Dido building a magnificent temple?
Juno, of course!
What scenes in art does Aeneas see in Carthage?
Scenes from the Trojan War
Who does Aeneas see accompanying Dido to the temple?
His comrades lost in the storm
"We once had a king, Aeneas, none more just, none more devoted to duty." Which Roman virture is represented here?
What does Dido offer the comrades of Aeneas?
When the mist of Venus was lifted, how did Aeneas appear?
like a god...a gloss on his flowing hair, and the ruddy glow of youth and radiant joy shone in his eyes. His beauty fine as a craftsman's hand can add to ivory.
Ascanius, Aeneas' son, is brought from the ships to Dido, as well as what?
Gifts and treasures from Troy
What is Venus' scheme with respect to Ascanius?
She has her child Cupid take the form of Ascanius to make Dido fall in love with Aeneas, thus ensuring his protection
"Tragic Dido, doomed to a plague about to strike". What is the plague and why the tragedy?
Love is the plague and this love will seal her doom when she commits suicide at Aeneas' departure from Carthage.
What is Dido's prayer?
That this feast be a day of joy for Tyrians and exiles from Troy
What does Dido ask Aeneas to tell her about?
the story of the fall of Troy
devotion, dutiful conduct, sense of duty, loyalty, piety toward the gods
an air of seriousness that commands respect
authority ---- Referred to the general level of prestige a person had in Ancient Roman society.