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The set of terms regarding the characters of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.


The main character, the hero, the protagonist. He is good, brave, helpful, quick, clever, and curious.


One of the main antagonists. He is an evil foil.


One of the main antagonists. She is an evil foil. She's devious and protective of her eggs.


This character is helpless and unaware of dangers, but is very kind and warm-hearted.

Teddy's parents

These two characters are kind, protective, helpful, worriers, and also a bit unaware of dangers.


This character is afraid to act but willing to help. He is also extremely dumb.


This character is wimpy, inactive, and fearful. He is unwilling to help himself or others.


This character is a minor antagonist. He is also evil. He's silent, but deadly.

Darzee's wife

This character is clever and pretty brave.

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