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fats, oils, waxs, steriods

types of lipids

C H O (lots of H)

General structure

hydrophobic, not a polymer

2 main characteristics

lots of hydrocarbons, few polar bonds or r groups

why are lipids hydrophobic?

3 C glycerol and fatty acids

What are fats?

Long 16-18 C chain, with carboxyl group

What are fatty acids?

dehydration synthesis between alcohol end of glycerol

What holds together glycerol and carboxyl group in fatty acids?

very soluble.

Fatty acids arent


1 glycerol and 3 fatty acids


glycerol, 2 fatty acids, and a phosphate group

only at one end

are phospholipids polar?

the phosphate goup

which end of a phospholipid is polar?


having both polar and non polar ends


a lipid, with carbon skeleton made of 4 fused rings

cholesterol, testosterone, estrogen

types of steriods?

long term storage of energy

Fats are used for?

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