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__________ are the rules or languages in which networking is possible.


Which layer of the OSI model covers the cabling and electrical signaling?


What is the primary protocol used by Windows to communicate over a network?


On which layer of the OSI model is IPv4 Addressing included?


What is used to specify which bits of an IPv4 address are used for the network identifier and which bits are used for the host identifier?

Subnet mask

In what class is the address of

Class A

What is the default subnet mask for

What is used to avoid assigning entire addresses of a particular class to networks that didn't have that many hosts?


If you have an IPv4 address of with a subnet mask of, what is the CIDR notation?


What would a corporation use to allow private IPv4 addresses to communicate with the Internet?


What server automatically assigns IP addresses?


What type of address is the FCC0:0:0:0B5D:FF:BE3B:F4F7:3311?


Which type of address defines a single network interface in a computer or other device?


Which type of IPv6 address is unique throughout the IPv6 universe?


What type of address mechanism is a tunneling protocol that enables computers to transmit IPv6 packets through NAT routers that do not support IPv6?


TCP is considered a __________ protocol.


What do you call codes that identify specific applications running on the system?


What utility or tool allows you to view and manage all your network connections?

Network and Sharing Center

What is a software routine that acts as a virtual barrier between a computer and the network to which it is attached?


What command is used to test network connectivity between two hosts?


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