20 terms

Chapter 4

What is the default partition style used in Windows 7?
What is the largest disk that MBR supports?
2 TB
What is the maximum number of primary partitions that MBR supports?
What is the largest disk that GPT supports?
18 EB
What is the maximum number of primary partitions that GPT supports?
To support GPT, what computer architecture does your computer need to support?
Which type of disk uses primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical drives to organize data?
Basic disk
What type of disk supports an unlimited number of volumes?
Dynamic disk
What type of volume supports is based on RAID1?
Striped volume
What is the maximum number of volumes you can assign to a striped volume?
Which is the preferred file system used in Windows 7?
What is the main tool or utility that you use to manage your disk?
Disk Management
What is the quickest way to access the Disk Management console?
Use the Computer Management console.
Which of the following is NOT a basic requirement to extend a partition on a basic disk?
You can extend a striped volume if the volume has the same amount of free disk space available on the same number of striped disks.
You are starting to run out of free disk space on a drive. What tool can you use to free up some disk space?
Disk Cleanup
What tool can you use to defragment your volumes by recopying fragmented files to contiguous space on the disk?
Disk Defragmentation
What tool can you use to search for and fix disk errors?
Check Disk
What do you call a device driver that includes a digital signature that ensures that the device driver comes from the authentic publisher and that someone has not maliciously altered it?
Signed driver
What is the primary tool to mange devices and their drivers?
Device Manager
You just installed a new device driver for your scanner and now the scanner does not function at all. What should you do?
Roll back the driver.