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Which of the following is NOT an objective when performing a large-scale Windows 7 deployment?

Standardizing the computing hardware environments

What do you call a template for a workstation configuration that contains all the software the workstation requires?

Reference computer

You are getting ready to deploy Windows 7 to multiple enterprise workstations. What do you use to hold the information captured from the reference computer?

Image file

What is the graphical utility that installers can use to create distribution shares and answer files that automate and customize Windows 7 installations?

Windows SIM

What is an XML script that provides the Windows 7 Setup program with the information it needs to perform an unattended installation?

Answer file

What is a command line tool that installers can use to capture, modify, and apply image files in the Windows Imaging format?


What is a command line tool that installers can use to mount, edit, and upgrade image files in the Windows Imaging format?


What is a command line program that installers can use to prepare Windows 7 computers for imaging, auditing, and deployment including preparing a reference computer?


What tool is a superset of Windows 7 AIK that enables you to perform lite-touch installation (LTI) and zero-touch installation (ZTI)?

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010

What can be installed on Windows Server 2008 that enables installers to deploy Windows Imaging files to workstations over the network?


What parameter do you use with the sysprep command that configures Windows 7 to present the Windows Welcome interface the next time the computer starts?


You have a Windows image file for Windows 7. You need to add a device driver to the image file. What utility should you use?


To add drivers to an image using DISM.EXE, what file must you include?

.inf file

Which type of image contains all of the elements of a workstation configuration, including applications drivers, updates, and all configuration settings?

Thick images

Which type of image contains a basic install WIM image file?

Thin images

What command is used to partition and format a disk?


What technology enables a computer to transmit the same data to multiple destinations at the same time?


What is the file-based disk image format used to deploy its latest Windows operating system releases, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008?


Which script is used to create the Windows PE build?


What option is used with the imageX.exe to capture an image from a reference computer?


What technology do you use to boot the server over the network to perform an installation over the network?


What is a customized boot image that you burn to disk that enables a workstation to boot Windows PE and connect to the WDS server?

Discover image

What software replaces the Package Manager that was available with the Windows AIK associated with Windows Vista?


What option do you use with the dism command to mount an image to a folder?


What basic network service is necessary to deploy an install image using WDS?


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