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Nifedipine/Adalat/Procardia/Norvasc-controls blood vessels

Verapamil/Calan/Isoptin/Verelan-controls heart rate and blood vessels

Angina/Raynaud's/Vasospastic Angina/Atrial Arrhythmia's

Blocks calcium channels in the myocardial and vascular smooth muscles, decreases the contraction of smooth muscle-relaxes the arteries-vasodilation. Blocking of calcium channels in the SA and AV node-Slows conduction through the SA and AV node. Decreases the force of contraction slows heart rate

Grapefruit juice may increase absorption of nifedipine

Side Effects: Relaxes smooth muscle and cardiac muscle-
Dizziness-Take lying, sitting and standing B/P, educate client to sit and stand slowly
Peripheral edema-assess for edema, monitor for worsening (diuretic)
Reflex tachycardia-monitor for elevated heart rate (may need a BB)
Constipation-increase fibers and fluids (if not restricted) stool softener
Fatigue-Due to low heart rate-monitor EKG, pulse rate and rhythm
Weakness-Monitor B/P and Heart Rate
Impotence and sexual dysfunction-Discuss possibility with client-have client to call and not just to stop medications
Hepatotoxicity-ALT, AST, ALK PHOS, Bilirubin
MI-Monitor for chest pain, dyspnea, increases fatigue, weakness
CHF-Monitor for chest pain, dyspnea, edema, increasing weight, decreasing output, increasing HR and B/P
Angioedema-edema in face, throat, trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, thickened tongue
Grapefruit juice may increase absorption of nifedipine

Acute Toxicity
With an overdose or overmedicated
Gastric lavage
Monitor EKG-bradycardia-widening QRS, hypotension
Norepinephrine to treat hypotension and decreased cardiac contractility
Atropine or Isoproterenol-Bradycardia and Cardiac Blocks

Verapamil (Calan, Covera, Isoptin Verelan)
Class IV antidysrhythmic
Calcium channel blocker
Inhibits the flow of calcium ions both into the myocardia cells and the vascular smooth muscle, slow the conductions velocity and stabilizes dysrhythmias. Lowers the blood pressure, reduces cardiac workload and lowers the blood pressure. Dilates the coronary arteries-anti-anginal
Side Effects: Headache, constipation, hypotension, edema, bradycardia