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Innovation Here Come the Robots


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life expectancy
Japan's _____________________ is among the highest in the world, and it's getting close to 90 years.
Rice is a ________________ of Thai people's diet. It's rare to have a meal without it.
pulled it off
It was an incredibly difficult task to complete. Luckily, we ________________ with only a few problems.
Many countries _____________ the number of immigrants they accept because they are afraid that the newcomers could take people's jobs.
A _____________ change can have profound consequences. Nothing will be the same after it.
If a government increases taxes during an economic crisis, it can _____________ the crisis. You can't expect people to spend more if the government takes more of their money.
Toyota and Honda have a lot of ______________ in mechanical engineering because they have been using machines to build cars for decades.
A ________________ hospital is an institute that treats old people with health problems.
The newest generation of robots is so _______________ that they can interpret human emotions.
When my dog hears thunder, even if she's at home, her _____________ is to find an escape. It's difficult to teach her not to do that.
Some countries grant
_____________ on essential services like gas or electricity so that the price that citizens pay is lower.
Many amputees, which are people who had a leg or an arm cut off, use _____________ limbs so that they can be functional again.
If inequality keeps growing, the gap between rich and poor will become a _______________ so big that it will be difficult to reduce it in the future.
These two teams seem quite _____________ to me. One is too strong, while the other is too weak. Maybe we should mix them if we want a more balanced match.
In an economic crisis, it can be a good idea to decrease taxes. Giving people more money to spend can ____________ the effects of the crisis.
phase out
Before the company starts selling its new line of products, it's trying to ______________ the old ones by decreasing the price.
I don't feel very well. Actually, I think I'm on the ____________ of throwing up. Please stop the car!
Before we introduce this new policy, we need to make sure that it's _______________ . We need more exam to understand if it can be done.