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algebra ch 2


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square root
a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number
The expression under the radical sign
perfect square
a number that is the square of an integer
irrational number
a number that can NOT be expressed as a ratio of two integers or as a repeating or terminating decimal - Pi or any square root of an imperfect square are considered irrational
real numbers
the set of all rational and irrational numbers
inverse operations
operations that undo each other
equivalent equations
equations that have the same solution
An equation that is true for all values of the variable.
a comparison of two integers
an equation that states that two ratios are equal
cross product
The product of numbers on the diagonal when comparing two ratios
scale drawing
A drawing that uses a scale to make an object smaller than or larger than the real object.
scale model
A model of an object in which the dimensions are in proportion to the actual dimensions of the object.
a ratio that relates the dimensions of a scale drawing or scale model and the actual dimensions
literal equation
an equation involving two or more variables