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Regional Political Division?


The largest city in Canada, and the most commercial city?


The 2nd largest city in Canada?


Built to connect The Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean?

St. Lawrence Seaway

The 3 Maritime Provinces?

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick

One of the world's best fishing area?

The Grand Banks

Ruled by France for 230 years which included the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River regions?

New France

The 3 Prairie Provinces?

Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

The highest mountain peak in Canada?

Mt. Logan

Southeastern Canada, the most populated area, has what climate?


Created the low basins, lakes, and rivers of Canada?


The major Pacific port?


Halifax in Nova Scotia is a major Maritime Province what?

Shipping area

The main provider of newsprint is found in?

British Columbia

Borders Alaska?

The Yukon Territory

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