AP World History Ways Of The World Chapter 6 Quiz


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How did the absence of most animals capable of domestication affect developments in the Americas?
No pastoral societies developed.
Which of the following benefited the most from the coastal trade routes shown in Map 6.1 in the textbook?
Mesoamerican and Andean cultures were similar in that both
were dominated by cities or regional states rather than a single empire.
In contrast to Maya art, the artwork of Teotihuacán
revealed few images of self-glorifying rulers.
Which of the following was a point of contact between Eurasia and Africa?
The decline of Meroë and the rise of Axum were both connected to
the shift of long-distance trade from the Nile Valley to the Red Sea.
Which statement describes the relationship between the civilizations in Mesoamerica and those in the Andes?
They had little if any direct contact with each other.
Which of the following describes a feature of Bantu religion?
It was concerned with explaining, predicting, and controlling local affairs.
What did the Bantu settlements in Africa have that the communities in North America east of the Mississippi lacked?
A common language
The society of which group of people is considered to be less patriarchal due to its system of "gender parallelism" which associated female roles with village life and male roles with hunting and forest life?