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  1. reversible figure
  2. induced movement
  3. depth perception
  4. phi phenomenon
  5. stroboscopic movement
  1. a the perception of distance, which enables us to experience the world in three dimension
  2. b a stimulus that you can perceive in more than one way
  3. c a perception that an object is moving and the background is stationary when in fact the object is stationary and the background is moving
  4. d an illusion of movement created by a rapid succession of stationary images
  5. e the illusion of movement created when two or more stationary lights separated by a short distance flash on and off at regular intervals

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  1. in Gestalt psychology, the tendency to fill in the gaps in an interrupted line
  2. the apparently swift motion of objects close to a moving observer and the apparently slow motion of objects farther away
  3. in Gestalt psychology, the tendency to imagine the rest of an incomplete, familiar figure
  4. Ability to attend to any one voice among many.
  5. in Gestalt psychology the tendency to perceive simple, symmetrical figures

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  1. visual constancya laboratory device for testing depth perception in infants and young animals


  2. Gestalt psychologya laboratory device for testing depth perception in infants and young animals


  3. selective attentiona neuron in the visual system of the brain that responds to the presence of a simple feature, such as a horizontal line; discovered by Hubel and Wiesel


  4. top down processingProcessing in which a whole is constructed from parts


  5. Elenor Gibsonthe interpretation of sensory information