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A code from category Z37 should be included on
every maternal record when a delivery has occurred
All conditions that occur during or following medical care or surgery are classified as complications. There must be a cause-and-effect relationship between the care provided and the condition, and an indication in the documentation that it is a complication.
Both statements are true.
Babies are considered newborn or perinatal for the first ______ days.
Burns are coded by
both the site and degree as well as the body surface involved.
How are subterms treated in the alphabetic index to diseases and injury?
Indented two spaces under the level of the preceding line
Medical assistants have the trust of the physician and practice that employs them. A medical assistant must
all of the above
The code HIV indicates which of the following?
The HIV virus is present
When a Code First Note is present and the patient has an underlying condition, the underlying condition should be sequenced first. Wherever such a combination exists, a Use Additional Code Note is found with the etiology code, and a Code First Note is found with the manifestation code.
Both statements are true
When coding for drug toxicity, which of the following refers to a condition when a patient takes less of a medication than is prescribed by his or her provider or by the manufacturer's instructions?
Under dosing
Which of the following codes will be used for a patient with a history of myocardial infarction with no symptoms but diagnosed by means of an electrocardiogram?
Code I25.2
Which of the following ICD-10-CM sections includes guidelines for reporting additional diagnoses in non-outpatient settings?
Section III
Which of the following instructions in the Alphabetic Index indicates that another main term may reference additional useful index entries?
See also
Which of the following is the second most common medical document from which diagnostic statements can be extracted?
Treatment notes
Which of the following letters in the ICD-10-CM is reserved by the World Health Organization to assign new diseases with uncertain etiology?
Which of the following terms applies to the period from the last month of pregnancy to 5 months after giving birth?
Which of the following terms defines a malignant neoplasm site as the absence of invasion of surrounding tissues?
In situ
Which volume(s) of ICD-9-CM is/are used for diagnostic coding?
Both A and B
A neoplasm or new growth is coded by the site or location of the neoplasm and its behavior.
Etiology refers to the underlying cause or origin of a disease.
Main terms appear in bold type.
The "code first" notation can usually be ignored.
The coder should always refer to the Tabular Index first.
The codes for pernicious anemia and a vitamin B12 deficiency are the same.