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Athletic Trainers are only found in the secondary and collegiate settings

False, they are found in many different settings

1st Athletic Training text was written in ____ by ____

1917, SE Bilik

1932 Cramer family published the ____and has played a major role in Athletic Training since then

First Aider

NATA was formed in __


Athletic Training as we know it today started during the late nineteenth century with the firm establishment of college and high school athletes


Athletic Training was recognized as an allied healthcare profession in ____


National Strength and Conditioning Association oversees the drug testing programs in NCAA


___ is the act that says medical records can not be release unless permission is given


What is the Committee for accreditation of Athletic Training education, called


In Texas, to practice Athletic Training you need ____


All of the following should be elements of a hydrotherapy area EXCEPT

4-5 whirlpool baths to provide both hot and cold whirlpools

OSHA stands for

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Which of the following are expendable supplies

Tape, massage lotion, bandages

The primary purpose of a pre-participation health exam is

Identify whether an athlete is at risk before he/she participates

The most crucial stage in maturity is the stage because of

3rd, increased speed of bone growth

The law that protects the privacy of student educational records and in some instances medical records is known as


Which of the following conditions does NOT indicate a possible medical disqualification from collision/contact sports


When ordering expensive supplies it is important to have vendors quote prices before making a decision. This is known as

Competitive bidding

Which of the following is the most efficient method of making a maturity assessment

Secondary sexual characteristic assessment

Which of the following areas of the pre-participation exam includes the assessment of height, weight, and body composition

Physical Examination

Which of the following is the average statute of limitations for negligence suits

One to three years

Which of the following best describes malfeasance (act of commission)? his/her legal duty

A legal wrong that is committed when an Individual performs an act that is not

If an individual fails to perform a legal duty it is known as

An act of omission

The length of time an individual has to sue for damages from negligence is known as

Statute of Limitations

An athletic trainer that burns an athlete because of improper use of a modality could be found to be _________________

Negligent, In breach of a duty, and Liable

Which of the following assumes an individual is neither extremely skillful nor extraordinarily cautious, but is of reasonable and ordinary prudence


A legal wrong that is committed against a person or property is known as


The state of being legally responsible for the harm that one causes another person is known as


What are some of the things one can do to reduce his/her rick of litigation

Have an EAP at each site, Documentation, and Communication

Medicare is an insurance program for whom

disabled and aged

An approach to conditioning that attempts to bring about peak performance while reducing injuries and overtraining is known as


Progressive resistive exercise is based on which of the following principles

Progression and overload

The stretching method that uses an extreme stretch that is held for a long period of time is

Static stretch

The ability of the body to undergo prolonged whole body, large muscle activity is

Cardiorespiratory endurance

Stroke volume and heart rate determine the _____________ of the heart

Cardiac output

The Golgi tendon organs respond to increased tension after

At least 6 seconds

The relaxation of the antagonist muscle in response to an agonist contraction is known as

Reciprocal inhibition

All of the following are factors that determine VO2 max except

Muscle function

The greatest rate in which oxygen can be taken in and utilized during exercise is referred to as

VO2 max

If the intensity of an activity is such that sufficient oxygen can be supplied to meet the demands of working tissues, the activity is


Sugars and starches are examples of


The most efficient source of energy is


Glucose that is not needed immediately for energy is stored in the _______ as_____

Muscle cells, glycogen

The pre-event meal should be

Eaten three hours before competition

Which of the following groups are all fat-soluble vitamins

C, A, D, E, K

The basic units that make up proteins are called

Amino acids

A mineral that is extremely important in the body's ability to create a muscle contraction, blood clotting, and proper nerve function is


Anorexia Athletica is characterized by all of the following signs EXCEPT

Self starvation

Electrolyte replacement is necessary in all cases EXCEPT

Just before exercise

During a weight-loss program, how many pounds should be lost per week

1 to 2

Which of the following conditions is caused by peripheral vasodilation of the superficial vessels, hypotension or a pooling of blood in the extremities, which results in dizziness, fainting, and nausea

Heat syncope

How may minutes before exposure to the sun should sunscreen be applied


If the flash to bang is 15 seconds, how far away is lightening occurring

3 Seconds

Sixty-five percent of the heat produced by the body is lost in cold weather by


In giving emergency treatment for a heat stroke victim, the athletic trainer should direct efforts at

Lower body temperature with a cool towels and transport to a hospital

Absence of sweating with hot, flushed skin, sudden collapse, altered consciousness and seizures is indicative of

Exertional heat stroke

A heat disorder caused by profuse sweating, diarrhea, persistent muscle cramps and dizziness with loss of coordination is

Exertional heat exhaustion

A critical consideration in avoiding heat stress is to


The purpose of a sling psychrometer is to measure

Relative humidity

Heat is eliminated by the body in all of the following ways EXCEPT


Which of the following conditions is characterized by pain and discomfort during and immediately after exercise

Acute onset muscle soreness

Pain that is felt at a place other than the origin of the pain is known as

Referred pain

Which of the following is a common apophyseal injury

Severs Disease

A fracture that occurs on the side opposite to the point at which trauma was initiated is a(n) fracture


Epiphyseal growth plate injuries have been classified into five types by


All of the following are functions of bone EXCEPT

Mineral production not calcium

All of the following are qualities of a synovial joint EXCEPT

Slightly movable

A condition that has a gradual onset with diffuse tenderness, inflammation and usually crepitus of a tendon is called


Injuries to the musculotendinous unit commonly occur at all of the following sites except in the

Mid-tendon area

A force that, with enough energy, crushes tissue is a force


Avascular necrosis is a condition commonly found in the in which there is a(n) ___

Hip, poor blood supply

Which of the following chemical mediators is a powerful vasodilator found in mast cells


During the inflammatory response phase there is a period of followed by

Vasoconstriction, vasodilation

The pain theory that establishes the ability of the dorsal root to inhibit pain impulses ascending to the brain cortex for perception is called the

Gate theory

If there is poor blood supply to a fractured area and a portion of the bone does not heal, this is called

Avascular necrosis

The constant ongoing remodeling of bone is caused by the

Osteoblasts and osteoclasts

Which of the following has the best capacity for regeneration


Which of the following nerve fibers transmit impulses from nocioceptors toward the brain

Afferent fibers

When leukocytes line up along the wall of the blood vessel it is called


he process of ingesting microorganisms, other cells, or foreign particles commonly performed by monocytes is called


Personality disorders include all of the following EXCEPT


In which of the phases of rehabilitation does the patient feel fearful and may be in denial

Immediate post-injury

During stress the threat is immediate and the body's response is instantaneous


Which of the following mood disorders can be treated with light therapy

Seasonal affective disorder

Which of the following is an outward sign of overreaction


Injury and or illness are stressors and the athlete's ability to cope with these stressors depends on the athlete's

Cognitive appraisal

Which of the following is the final Kubler-Ross stage


Athletes who sustain injuries that disable them from performing may experience

Fear, Depression, and Anger

Acute response to negative stress cause adrenal secretions causing the _____ response to stress

fight and flight

When an athlete is physically ready to return to play, the physical aspect is all the sports medicine team needs to be concerned with


The pressure point most commonly used in the upper body to control external bleeding is the

Brachial artery

When an athlete is being placed on a spine board, which of the following personnel is in control

The person stabilizing the victim's head

Systolic blood pressure indicates

The pressure on the blood vessel walls when the left ventricle contracts

A red skin color on a light-colored individual may indicate

Heatstroke, high blood pressure, or carbon monoxide poisoning

In transporting an athlete with a suspected spinal or pelvic injury: third supporting the trunk as you support the head and neck

Use a spine board and move under medical direction

In an effort to accurately assess the extent of a musculoskeletal injury, it is vitally important to know

The mechanism of the injury

The type of shock that results from trauma in which there is blood loss is called

Hypovolemic shock

When dealing with a possible unconscious athlete, the first action that must be taken is

Determine the level of consciousness and unresponsiveness

Which of these is not a symptom of shock

Patient has a very slow pulse

Which type of assistance is given to an athlete that is able to walk after an injury a short distance

Ambulatory Aid

To fit crutches the elbow should be flexed at ___ degrees


Which of the following tests is used to detect blood clots

Doppler Ultrasonography

Movement that is performed solely by the athlete is called


The application of mechanical forces, which may stem from within or outside of the body, to living organisms is called


Pain that subsides during activity usually indicates a(n)

Chronic Inflammation

Conditions following and resulting from a disease or injury are referred to as


Which of the following is NOT included in the history portion of an injury evaluation

Athlete tries to assess the movement of the injured part

Sharp or burning pain is characteristic of what type of injury

Nerve injury

When an athletic trainer or other health care professional is denoting what disease, injury or syndrome a person has or is believed to have, he/she is making a(n)

Clinical Diagnosis

S.O.A.P. stands for

Subjective, objective, assessment, plan

The step of infection, which stage is when the person feels bad and can not get out of bed

acute stage

What is the job of the T cells


HBV can live outside the body for __

at least 1 week

If a uniform becomes saturated with blood, what is the proper action that should be taken for the athlete to continue participation

The uniform should be changed immediately

The HBV vaccine is given in

3 doses over a 6-month period

Testing Athletes for HIV is legal in regards to clearing them for play


If one thinks they have been infected by a bloodborne pathogen they should be tested at __weeks, __ months, and __ year(s)


After a virus enters and attacks a host cell it

Uses the cell to replicate , directs the cell to make a protein shell, emerges after destroying the cell to infect other tissue, and destroys the cell

All of the following are signs and symptoms of HBV except

Weight loss

Which of the following substances is appropriate for cleaning tables in the athletic training room

A 1:10 solution of bleach and water

Classification of modalities include all of the following except

Shockwave Energy

All of the following are desirable effects of heating EXCEPT

Decreasing blood flow

Thermal energy can be transferred by all of the following EXCEPT


A condition in which cold exposure causes vasospasm of the digital arteries is known as

Raynaud's phenomenon

When using cryotherapy, if the temperature is 38.3 F, muscle temperatures can be reduced as deep as

4 cm

A preferred therapeutic massage for areas around joints, other areas where tissue is thin, and over adhesions would be


Traction is indicated for which of the following conditions

Spinal nerve root impingement

The process whereby ions in solution are carried through the intact skin by an electrical current is called


The following are physiological responses to massage EXCEPT

Decreased Circulation

All of the following are types of traction EXCEPT


An exercise that involves weight bearing through an extremity is considered

A closed kinetic chain exercise

Which of the following is NOT considered a closed kinetic chain exercise

Knee extension in sitting

Maximum muscle loading at a fixed speed (consistent velocity) with accommodating resistance throughout the entire range of motion is characterized by what method of exercise


A method of promoting the response of the neuromuscular mechanism through stimulation is called

PNF exercise

In which phase of rehabilitation is rest and pain control most important

Phase I-Acute inflammatory response phase

The phase can last for several years and includes a series of functional progression activities

Phase 3: Remodeling phase

Which of the following is not an indicator of being too aggressive with exercise in the rehab plan

Increased flexibility

Increasing static strength and decreasing atrophy in the first phase of rehab can best be accomplished by using what method of exercise


Decisions on how to progress an athlete through a rehabilitation program should be based on

The healing process

Following an injury or surgery, when should the rehabilitation process be initiated

Immediately after

Branch of science that deals with the action of drugs on the biological systems is known as


Method by which drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated from the body is known as


The drug that can give effects of increased muscle mass, and weight, general growth and bone maturation, irreversible effects causing major threats to health is known as

anabolic steroids

When an immediate reaction to a drug is necessary, it should be administered


All of the following drugs are banned by both the NCAA and the USOC EXCEPT


The use of anabolic steroids will cause all of the following EXCEPT

Decreased Male Mammary Glands

The use of marijuana can lead to all of the following EXCEPT

Decrease in Pulse Rate

Drugs and medications administered into the skin are said to be


Which of the following is NOT an adverse reaction to aspirin or NSAIDS

Inhibition of Prostaglandin Release

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